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  • Introducing myself
    Liue Thank you for the heart-warming welcome. Unfortunately due my schedule I won't be able to join Lenovo Gaming Community nights. Even if I could my English skills are terrible so I'm afraid I would not be able to communicate with others properly. And, since you've have mentioned me, I wanted... see more
  • Get 3 months of Xbox Game Pass, with selected Legion laptops!
    DoctorEldritch I would like to receive a code for GamePass for PC if there are still codes available for use. I have been a Legion Gaming Community member for a while so all I have left to do was to make an introductory thread on the welcome board which I did.... see more
  • Introducing myself
    Hello Legion Gaming Community. I'm Tomasety and I'm a very old PC gamer. I still remember playing games in monochrome color TVs so that should give you an idea about how old I am. I'm interested in Game Pass for PC mainly just to try the new co-op game from Fatshark called Warhammer 40,000:... see more
  • Get 3 months of Xbox Game Pass for PC, on us!
    I would like to request a GamePass code assuming there's still some codes left. ​​​​​​​Thanks in advance. see more
  • Hello Legion Community
    I'm Tomasety and I'm a very old gamer. I have to admit GamePass was the winner on the non E3 showcases so that's why I'm here, letting you all know there's a bright future for GamePass. There are so many games releasing on day 1 that makes it an amazing deal just because you end saving a... see more
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