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  • Is my dream to ambitious?
    Every college uses a systematic process to ensure that every essay is rea d because admission depends on it. The admissions committee appoints a team of professionals who review each essay according to a standard process they have set up to ensure that each essay is read. This is where college... see more
  • Is my dream to ambitious?
    I always wanted to go to college, so I tried to do everything I could to achieve my goal. To get in, I had to write an essay. see more
  • Minecraft: join the Legion Server IP
    Cool server, wait for me there! I have not played Minecraft for such a long time, and this server looks just fine to start again with. I’m not a professional and probably will not be really useful in the game the first couple of hours because I will need to understand how things work. But, I think... see more
  • Minecraft: join the Legion Server IP
    Does the server still work? I would join see more
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