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  • Legion by Lenovo Launch Event
    Probably the slim version, so much power in such a compact little device, especially with a ryzen 9 processor, and an rtx 30 series. That Beast is unbeatable. see more
  • 🧩🔎 WORD SEARCH: can you find the 20 video games? (6/20 found!)
    RESIDENTEVIL (L1 - L12) see more
  • What's Your Best Scenery Screenshots in a Game?
    JokerZida I love the cities skylines one, looks really good, night is always great from above in this game. The other game looks like a pretty intense battle is going on, the horse doing that move is just everything in the image, really gives the vibe of hope and bravery. So much in a simple game... see more
  • What's Your Best Scenery Screenshots in a Game?
    LockOut any screenshot will do, will be more than glad to see the tanks screenshots. Combat games can have really good scenrey or screenshots as well. see more
  • We're back!
    LockOut Fun is always why we are here, good times are priceless, winner or not, always glad to be part of the activities. And I hope the same is with the most, happy to see you and DracoTarot are on the same page :D I will try to join in as much as I can, summer holidays can sometimes be busier... see more
  • Prize Arrived!
    LockOut yes, it has some pockets in the big part for the small stuff like mouse, powerbank, etc. It's nice and small, the size of the laptop. yes lol. شكرا كتير :) see more
  • Battlefield V ( الخميس 21 تموز)
    لن استطيع للأسف 😞 see more
  • Prize Arrived!
    yep it's great, my best bag so far :D glad to be part of the community. see more
  • What's Your Best Scenery Screenshots in a Game?
    Many of us has played many games, some more than the other, but here time you spent in the game doesn't really matter, whether you played it for an hour or a hundred, there will always be a good picture in a game. Perhaps you didn't even like the game, but you liked the scenery, that's what we are... see more
  • Prize Arrived!
    Hey all. First of I'd like to thank @QueenTomato for these awesome Friday giveaways, and thank everyone who participated, winner or not, as long as we all have fun it's enough :D I happened to be amongst the randomly selected winners, and the gift (Legion BackPack) just arrived. This is a... see more
  • 🍿 Recommend us your favourite movie! 🎬
    LilySensei (Paty) great thanks! I don't watch many shows but if I do get the chance will try. DoctorEldritch Ye these movies are great as well, I watched both, Gravity was very long and sometimes boring, but did have some of these effects, like being lost in space and stuff. The martian was... see more
  • 🍿 Recommend us your favourite movie! 🎬
    Might be late to the party, and I know many movies, don't have ones I think are the best. But I know many many movies. So I'll just give two from the same topic, which is Deep (kind of sad) movies: - Song of The Sea (animation) - Intersteller Any movie with the deep unknown (ocean or... see more
  • 🏆 Winner Announcement: Competition 3
    Thank you, hope everyone enjoyed the activities, and good luck in the next competition. :D see more
  • 3️⃣ Legion Friday: Competition #3 [Closed]
    QueenTomato I found 5 differences. I'll actually be impressed if someone found more. see more
  • 🏆 Winner Announcement: Competition 2
    DOW4 Congratulations! Pretty funny tbh XD. see more
  • Digital/Vector art
    @DoctorEldritch Nice. Good luck. But best tip I can give to you, is to start easy, you shouldn't jump into a hard and time consuming one unless you started with a simple one. For instance, I made a quick polyart that took less than an hour, which I started since my last reply. Just a simple... see more
  • Digital/Vector art
    DoctorEldritch this is actually a very interesting type of art, could be done a similar way to low poly art, but might be a bit more difficult. I'm kind of curious how it would look. If u ever get the chance to make one, whatever the art is, be more than welcome to post it here see more
  • Join our Discord Channel!
    QueenTomato hey I would like to join the discord server see more
  • 2️⃣ Legion Friday: Competition #2 [Closed]
    QueenTomato "When you're lagging so hard that it starts affecting reality" see more
  • Digital/Vector art
    DoctorEldritch I don't know much about art, but it looks cool, not sure how it would be in poly art, seems difficult. I didn't try to do so, probabaly because I'm not into these type of arts as much. But if you do like them, go ahead and try to do so. Poly art works with anything. If you're still... see more