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  • What games do you want to play in our #GameTogether sessions?
    Free games: Just Act Natural, Muck (hard), Gartic Phone (browser game), skribbl.io, Unturned, and Crab Game. Paid Games: Keep Talking and nobody Explodes, Minecraft, GTA online. Honorable Mentions: (games that are cool, but less likely be fitting for game nights, but for small groups maybe)... see more
  • what is your....
    of all time? that's pretty hard, and difficult choice, as I have a favorite in each genre, but overall that would probably be Prison Architect, as management is my favorite genre usually. Other games I also love and would like all to be as my favorite too are Cities Skylines and Space Engineers.... see more
  • Legion Mousepad Lenovo giveaway 2022
    Congrats! They take long to arrive, but the longer the wait, the more excited you get when it arrives. see more
  • Special thanks to the Lenovo crew
    Sorry a bit late to the party, forgot to say, Congratulations my man! The wait has finally ended :D see more
  • 1️⃣2️⃣ - Finish the sentence
    I wish I was more hardworker than my friends at the school . If I had, then I wouldn't have been a disappointment for those who care about me and would've had more respect for myself, because those who care about it are the only ones who will ever help me when I can get things done and help... see more
  • Cities: Skylines - Plazas & Promenades
    JokerZida واخيرا قد اضافوا الشوارع الجديدة مجانا، لم اتوقع انهم سيهتموا بذلك! see more
  • Cities: Skylines - Plazas & Promenades
    نعم، إن JokerZida محق، إنها من العابي المفضلة، كما يعلم LockOut إنها لعبة ممتعة، مع أنها فردية، ولكنها رائعة. العيب الوحيد إنها تسحبك لعالمها لسعات بدل من نصف ساعة التي نويتها 😂. واما سعرها فيكون منخفض في الخصومات على Epic Games وSteam، ولا نعلم، قد تكون مجانية مجددا على Epic Games. ولكن تستحق... see more
  • Legion by Lenovo Launch Event (THE COMPETITION IS OVER!)
    Probably the slim version, so much power in such a compact little device, especially with a ryzen 9 processor, and an rtx 30 series. That Beast is unbeatable. see more
  • 🧩🔎 WORD SEARCH: can you find the 20 video games? (6/20 found!)
    RESIDENTEVIL (L1 - L12) see more
  • We're back!
    LockOut Fun is always why we are here, good times are priceless, winner or not, always glad to be part of the activities. And I hope the same is with the most, happy to see you and DracoTarot are on the same page :D I will try to join in as much as I can, summer holidays can sometimes be busier... see more
  • Prize Arrived!
    LockOut yes, it has some pockets in the big part for the small stuff like mouse, powerbank, etc. It's nice and small, the size of the laptop. yes lol. شكرا كتير :) see more
  • Battlefield V ( الخميس 21 تموز)
    لن استطيع للأسف 😞 see more
  • Prize Arrived!
    yep it's great, my best bag so far :D glad to be part of the community. see more
  • Prize Arrived!
    Hey all. First of I'd like to thank @QueenTomato for these awesome Friday giveaways, and thank everyone who participated, winner or not, as long as we all have fun it's enough :D I happened to be amongst the randomly selected winners, and the gift (Legion BackPack) just arrived. This is a... see more
  • 🍿 Recommend us your favourite movie! 🎬
    LilySensei (Paty) great thanks! I don't watch many shows but if I do get the chance will try. DoctorEldritch Ye these movies are great as well, I watched both, Gravity was very long and sometimes boring, but did have some of these effects, like being lost in space and stuff. The martian was... see more
  • 🍿 Recommend us your favourite movie! 🎬
    Might be late to the party, and I know many movies, don't have ones I think are the best. But I know many many movies. So I'll just give two from the same topic, which is Deep (kind of sad) movies: - Song of The Sea (animation) - Intersteller Any movie with the deep unknown (ocean or... see more
  • 🏆 Winner Announcement: Competition 3
    Thank you, hope everyone enjoyed the activities, and good luck in the next competition. :D see more














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