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  • Design your own Christmas Tree competition! 🎄
    Congratulations Saka! And thank you DoctorEldritch. 😎 see more
  • Is it possible upgrade RTX 40xx in Legion T5 case?
    Right now I also got 3060Ti in my Legion T5 case, thinking to switch my Ryzen 7 3700X off to something else, at least. I would be happy with 3080 maybe, changing to 4080 for example would be a dream, but def first should change PSU, also 550W on mine (we might have same PC). I also need more RAM,... see more
  • Is it possible upgrade RTX 40xx in Legion T5 case?
    Probably it is, but I would not suggest it before you have checked Power Supply. Changing GPU is one of those users are allowed to change, alongside adding RAM for example. I got same case, so yes, technically you can do it, but 4000 series, like Saka said above, requires so much power that I would... see more
  • Join the Legion Lucky 9 Competition!
    Thank you very much DoctorEldritch & Merry Christmas for your whole Legion team! 🎅 see more
  • Design your own Christmas Tree competition! 🎄
    More nerdy trees incoming! 🌲 Feast of Winter Veil has arrived Ironforge and Alliance races of Azeroth have gathered around shiny Christmas Tree! Elwynn Forest decorated for Christmas with magical Christmas Tree in a middle. see more
  • Introduction
    Hello and welcome! How did you enjoy Dreamhack? I really wanted to go, however, it's so far away from Stockholm and I just had no money to stay anywhere. However, I was on Assembly in Helsinki! Not sure if we do have any Xbox Game Pass Codes left, I guess DoctorEldritch can answer into that.... see more
  • Join us in World of Warcraft (Fri 23 December) #GameTogether
    Hi everyone! It's time for Feast of Winter Veil! 🎅 Grab your Christmas Hats and reveal your inner Gnome by trying out a Christmas Globe in either Ironforge or Orgrimmar! To celebrate both the brand new expansion, Dragonflight, as well as Feast of Winter Veil event, we'll be playing World of... see more
  • Design your own Christmas Tree competition! 🎄
    I know I'm a bit nerdy, so I'm bringing my nerdyness into this competition as well (don't worry, they are all magical). Fantasy is what I'd love and is there anything more spiritual than Christmas? Christmas Tree bringing light and spirit into a ever-surrounding darkness. Christmas Tree... see more
  • Join us in World of Warcraft (Fri 16 December) #GameTogether
    Hi everyone! Dragonflight is finally out and brave Heroes of Azeroth have taken their first steps in the Dragon Isles! To celebrate brand new expansion, we'll be playing World of Warcraft on Friday 16th December. If you are an owner of the Dragonflight expansion, you may even create your very... see more
  • Movies from your own country!
    By your own country I kinda referred to a country you're possibly from, or a country which you feel like being your home. Since it's Nordic forum, I was interested hearing if we would have any Swedish, Danish or Norwegian made movies here (or any other country, feel free) as most movies are made in... see more
  • Presenting the new Lenovo Legion 7 i9 by Intel - First Impressions, Features & Specs
    DoctorEldritch Actually on my video GTA V is being played and car driven with a touchpad btw. see more
  • Movies from your own country!
    So #Christmas movies -topic by Saka as well as #What is the best music for December? -topic by DoctorEldritch made me wonder: we have limitless about of different nationalities here, but both movies and music we have mainly spoken about has been in English. So, what if this time we are talking... see more
  • What is the best music for December?
    I know it's in Finnish, but it was first thing coming in my mind. Joulutarina (aka 'Christmas Story') is Finnish-made movie back in 2007. It tells the touching story of how Santa Claus came to be Santa. Chorus always gives me chills. Valovuodet (Varjosi jäi) by Antti Tuisku sang its theme music. ... see more
  • Christmas movies
    @MoriMoonpaw @LilySensei @QueenTomato Any ideas to host Christmas Parties in Discord voice? Let's sing some Christmas Songs and stream some Christmas Among Us. see more
  • Christmas movies
    You kind of already posted the ones I'd enjoy. Home Alone is a Classic, so is The Grinch and The Polar Express. There are still couple of very nice movies there alongside these three. They are funny and bringing up what Christmas is all about: being together, loving each other and having a good... see more
  • Legion 7 with i9-12900HX review by Liue – Legion Gaming Community
    Yo, what's up Legion Community? ​​​​​​​See my initial review, first impressions, feelings and info on the awesome Lenovo Legion 7 i9 by Intel. I feel honored to be allowed to test out this device and then let you all know how's it been. A lot of videos are still incoming, including videos... see more
  • Join the Legion Lucky 9 Competition!
    ​​​​​​​ see more
  • Is this real? Among Us is gettig a movie?
    As much I would love that, I don't think it's real. I checked IdeaWiki, and there indeed has been an idea about such a movie - but it was presented bin a way that it had come out in 2023 and already made box sells worth of 126 million. ​​​​​​​It would make a great movie tho, seriously! see more
  • Presenting the new Lenovo Legion 7 i9 by Intel - First Impressions, Features & Specs
    QueenTomato Oh, obviously this beautiful piece of art brought to me by Lenovo and Intel Gaming. Perfect sound quality, no matter I'm playing, listening to music or watching a Netflix movie. Graphics are absolutely stunning while playing. Plus, it's Storm Grey metallic cover just looks amazing.... see more