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  • Bizzare genre combos
    DoctorEldritch Interesting question! I've never seen any other games going this route. Dead by Daylight is a great game and I enjoyed it a lot. Hooked on you also looks interesting. see more
  • 🟢5️⃣ Caption This!
    QueenTomato see more
  • Say hello and introduce yourself here 👋
    Salamaatef welcome to the community!! 😌👍 see more
  • Celebrating 100,000 members on the Legion Community!
    QueenTomato I'll stick around and contribute as much as I can. The day I go quiet you'll know my ashes were scattered over the battlefield. 😆😀 Thank you so much for your kind words!! 💙 see more
  • Celebrating 100,000 members on the Legion Community!
    QueenTomato Here goes!! The first thing I noticed when I joined the Lenovo community was the family-friendly atmosphere. The managers and community members care and work hard to create a healthy platform for their members. All the support and giving back to the community is rarely seen and... see more
  • Almost 100,000 members on the Legion Communtiy! 🎉
    QueenTomato, DoctorEldritch. Congratulations!!! It's a huge achievement and thank you for letting me be part of the 100,000. To many more next goal is a million! 😉 see more
  • What's a good series to watch?
    DoctorEldritch watched only the trailer, will definitely watch more. Really looks fun to watch. I am in the need of a bit of a giggle!! see more
  • We're back!
    LockOut I'm always game for a little fun. I'm all for giveaways but it's not what it's about. It's sharing the moment and the most fun part is congratulating a fellow community member on a win!! QueenTomato, no idea about the first activity. Maybe a word search or find the difference? see more
  • Loadshedding
    DoctorEldritch I once said to an employer in five years I would like to see myself in his shoes and also be successful. For some kind of reason, he didn't find it amusing and thought I meant I would take his position away from him. I only meant to say I want to be successful and on top of my game... see more
  • Loadshedding
    DoctorEldritch never watched office space and didn't know he was hypnotized. I always stress before an interview and one of the most annoying questions imaginable is, where do you see yourself in 5 years' time? 😁 see more
  • What's a good series to watch?
    DoctorEldritch while Veep is satire I must confess all that I've seen so far comes so close to reality in this day and age 😂 or at least not far from it!! see more
  • Loadshedding
    DoctorEldritch at least Peter is honest. I can imagine going into an interview and taking the same approach. The interviewers will throw me out the door like an old rag LOL!! see more
  • Loadshedding
    DoctorEldritch the rules are clear, I'm getting paid for my work so from their side I need to show my efforts. I guess to make it a bit more time-consuming before remuneration!! see more
  • Loadshedding
    DoctorEldritch I can utilize voice recognition with certain work like a normal spreadsheet. The problem comes in when I use the company's user panel to work. They've locked most features. For example, I can't copy and paste anything and it must be typed out. It also seems voice recognition software... see more
  • What's your hobbies..?
    DoctorEldritch I always think of this video and evolving! ​​​​​​​ see more
  • What's a good series to watch?
    DoctorEldritch I'm very picky these days when it comes to watching and doing due to time. I get upset with myself for spending hours on something that was not worthwhile in the end. This video is spot on. 😀 see more
  • Loadshedding
    DoctorEldritch not fun at all when doing a spreadsheet of 1000 up to 2000 words. They announced today the grid is under severe pressure. It seems the cycle continues and reverting back to the touchscreen is imminent. see more
  • What's your hobbies..?
    DoctorEldritch It would be interesting to see how things unfold in the near future. I also think it would solely become available in developed countries and will catch on quickly as a new trend. South Africa is so far behind with tech and new trends it would take another 20 years before a... see more
  • Loadshedding
    DoctorEldritch Indeed!! Feels nice to have a clicky keyboard under my fingers instead of a small touch screen. 😏 see more
  • What's your hobbies..?
    DoctorEldritch yea I agree there will be a lot of job losses and all the companies will have much to say about the 3D printing industry that would penetrate the market. It all depends on the greed level of business owners. Fewer employees, the fewer expenses. You know there would be people out... see more