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“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”

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  • My Fascination with Tarot
    j7schultz Unfortunately there are practitioners who would take a darker path. It's a lightworker's obligation to stop those who do. One rule is to pay attention. The universe doesn't have any limits on how it will speak to you. It could be through good or evil. It all depends on what you do with... see more
  • My Fascination with Tarot
    j7schultz Hey!! You're welcome and I'm glad you find my post interesting. 😊 I have a whole collection of books. Some I've downloaded as PDFs and others I got from online esoteric shops. In total, I have 9 books and 11 decks. I've always had an interest in understanding the deep knowledge of... see more
  • What are your Black Friday plans?
    DoctorEldritch Yea, it seems the consumer must forget about it. Not good business practice but it seems to happen a lot these days. Our winters are not that cold. We do not reach -10 to -20 degrees here. At most, we will go down to -3. I've never seen snow in my life. The closest we got was a... see more
  • What are your Black Friday plans?
    DoctorEldritch The sender is usually the one who complains the most after notifying them about the lost parcel. They fill in claim forms and sometimes send the parcel through another service provider. Some senders would not send the product again and would also notify they do not take... see more
  • What are your Black Friday plans?
    DoctorEldritch none is supposed to get lost or taken. This specific courier has a very bad reputation and no they will not apologize. They will just send an automated message when enquiring about a missing parcel asking for the trace number then you'll wait for a week or more with no response. ... see more
  • What are your Black Friday plans?
    DoctorEldritch I'm asking the same questions. If they have so many complaints about a certain delivery service why do they still engage with them? Sometimes I even wonder if the product was really sent. Most are giveaways for new products. People would be chosen as testers and notified a parcel is... see more
  • What are your Black Friday plans?
    DoctorEldritch Looks like we are having the same experience. I have two parcels lost. I confirmed with the sender the parcels are untraceable and already signed off. It's always the same company that seems to either misplace or just take parcels for themselves. Not gonna mention names here but as... see more
  • #GameTogether - CS:GO (Thurs 15 Dec)
    @DoctorEldritch After I replied to your comment an SMS came through notifying me the parcel is on the way from Lenovo and will be here on Friday. Looks like I had a telepathic connection with the sender who quickly updated me on the status LOL!!! I'm in no hurry and understand it takes a while.... see more
  • #GameTogether - CS:GO (Thurs 15 Dec)
    DoctorEldritch Hopefully I would be able to join in the fun this time around. Waiting for my hardware to arrive and also waiting in anticipation for the awesome Legion headset to be delivered. No postman Pat yet, mmmfff!!😂 see more
  • 🟢2️⃣1️⃣ - True or False
    True, the next poster had an unexpected system shutdown recently. "blue screen of death" ​​​​​​​ see more
  • 2️⃣0️⃣ - A world without an internet connection
    I'll just go back to the old ways. Crafting, building, planting, harvesting and so much more. 😊 see more
  • Get on your dragon with the new World of Warcraft expansion!
    QueenTomato Going to wait on this one and see what the testers have to say. 😊 see more
  • What's one kind gesture someone has done for you?
    QueenTomato When I had my cancer scare 3 years back with the cyst on the side of my face, all my medical bills were covered by a very special person in my life. Unfortunately, she passed away during the pandemic. I owe my whole life and gratitude to her and will never forget what she has done... see more
  • My Fascination with Tarot
    @DoctorEldritch Ah yes! capnomancy is becoming popular with readers. I personally never tried it myself. I do believe in scrying and also have a black mirror. Thanks, @DoctorEldritch. I will most definitely enjoy Vapecon! see more
  • My Fascination with Tarot
    DoctorEldritch not at all. Vaping companies will never go that route. Those ads I do get with tobacco products. There are so many non-factual posts and articles circulating on the internet about vaping it's astonishing. So many lies and conspiracies. Actually, there were only 53 related... see more
  • What are your Black Friday plans?
    DoctorEldritch 😂. I have so many. Kendo could be one of them. I really need to get into shape again. see more
  • What are your Black Friday plans?
    Saka I had a look at a few clubs online and they are much cheaper than they were a few years back. When I last had an interest the clubs were a bit expensive. They are now reasonably priced and some do include gear for beginners with monthly and yearly memberships. It's something I'll consider... see more
  • What are your Black Friday plans?
    DoctorEldritch Not really the warranty is limited to 6 months only. see more
  • What are your Black Friday plans?
    DoctorEldritch I mostly look at electronic auctions. Any hardware sales and sometimes clothing auctions. My mum would buy a whole bale of clothing for next to nothing and re-sell. The Auctions work a bit differently. You still can get a product discount of 50% if you win the bid but on these... see more
  • What are your Black Friday plans?
    Saka A set of Armour sounds interesting. What kind of armour? see more