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  • Looking for a multi purpose monitor
    I would recommend trying to find one that supports HDMI 2.1 so you can play with high refresh rate on your console. I would probably recommend finding a 1440p monitor (More budget choice) or then go 4K. You should ensure you have that HDMI 2.1 support, like LG 27GR93U-B has, so you get most... see more
  • Join The Crystal Ball Gaming Competition! (The competition is over!)
    As a game developer, I hope AI wont affect too much creative positions, such as art and stuff like that. AI can be very useful asset when it comes to coding and also, to provide some sketches to unleash more creativity but not do the job for you. I personally dislike games that use fully AI... see more
  • Offline gaming.
    @ChristianRasmussen Witcher 3 should run very well on the Legion Go, it ran well on Steam Deck at least :) I've been also playing some Assasins Creed on Legion Go, the Unity runs very well on it. see more
  • Offline gaming.
    These days many games have DRM software (Denuvo etc) or online only locks, so the options are not that great. For low power consumption during traveling, I would recommend emulating PS games to be honest :D I personally like Vampire Surviors and Halls of Torment, there is also one other one... see more
  • Check out the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 Counter-Strike 2 tournament!
    @DoctorEldritch I did watch most of them, super happy that NaVi won! Top-level esports in CS is male only, mainly because woman get their own tournaments and leagues with alright pricepools. see more
  • Legion Community 3-year Anniversary Crossword Puzzle
    @DoctorEldritch 20. PUBG? see more
  • Legion Community 3-year Anniversary Easter Egg Hunt!! ​​​​​​​Bottom of the article ^^ see more
  • Legion Community 3-year Anniversary Easter Egg Hunt!
    I've no idea where should I be able to find these :D Gollum has the image in his signature tho see more
  • Check out the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 Counter-Strike 2 tournament!
    Just FYI this first one is the Opening Stage, here teams will play for the actual big stage games. 8 teams from the picture which DrEldritch posted above will move to the Group Elimination Stage where they will play against the higher seed qualified top teams. Definitely interested to see how... see more
  • Do you play New Game +?
    @DoctorEldritch It's very painful, with huge corporations like EA, there is so much bureaucracy it's even more tough to come up with a great game. When there is 2-3week waiting time to get an answer for everything the development process takes ages as well. They don't some reason want to make... see more
  • Do you play New Game +?
    @DoctorEldritch Working with large IP's with multiple partners is very painful, so that can affect to their decision. After all, no one wants to see a bad game and the instructions can change every week "do this" "actually do this" "never mind, we were drinking last night and came up with this"... see more
  • Good News and Bad News, Part 3.5, supplementary
    I'm sad regarding the cancelled Mandalorian game :( I wish it would have came out, there is still huge hype around that series and characters. see more
  • Palworld
    @ChristianRasmussen I dont think there will be a license or it shutting down. The company which made the game is also Japanese, so I think they are very well aware what they can, and what they cannot do. see more
  • Good News and Bad News, Part 3
    @DoctorEldritch ​​​​​​​Layoffs over at Embracer have been more of a "common happening" than a surprise :D see more
  • Good News and Bad News, Part 3 Layoffs over at EA as well. Sony too Unfortunate time to work over the games industry,... see more
  • Palworld
    Been interested in this but it's kinda weird how watching videos about Palworld it feels like its a bit boring and there isn't enough content. But well, it's playable through game pass which is great, need to give it a try at some point. see more
  • What is the best Friendship and Romance in Films and Series?
    Sorry, romantic films aint really my favorite part of the movie cake :( see more
  • What's the first video-game you've ever played?
    Probably HoMM or Warcraft, CS 1.6 was also a thing back then. ​​​​​​​Cant really remember :D see more
  • Which famous game you have NEVER played?
    World of Warcraft Skyrim :D Elden Ring + other soul like games see more