[Closed] Competition!! How has gaming evolved you?

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  • ThunderVortex007's Avatar
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    Gaming have been my main for of socialising, because I live far away from my friends we were able to keep in touch that way. In addition, it increased my English skills from almost failing in 8th grade to getting a strong B at university. Now we have a gaming team at school which is a great community and way of being sosial.
  • MonkeyDude's Avatar
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    It helped me with many things. I have Adhd so it has been hard to concentrate/ focus, do multiple things at a time and many other things. I started to game when i started in 2 grade (at the age of 9). In a way it helped me escape all the bad things that happened. But playing helped me with my English skills and i got to talk to many new people, so i got better at socializing. Some of the first games i played was minecraft and rust.
    I know how many people think that by playing games you end up getting more aggressive but for me it was the opposite because i got to vent it all out do it there instead of cussing out other people.
  • Wimoweh's Avatar
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    Got me to understand how smart I am in many areas when before gaming I thought I was not that smart in most areas in life or school.
  • aluy's Avatar
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    @Tamara Since I don’t have that many friends irl, I used to spend most of my time alone, but gaming has helped me get more friends. So I’m not alone all the time. Also now I know that I want to work with developing video games when I’m older :)
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  • Akau's Avatar
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    If I remember right in 1997 i got my first awakening to what an interactive gaming experience might look like when i bought a voodoo 1 graphics card. It was a real Wow effect. This led to an interest in 3D drawing and later 3D printing. Now, over the age of 50, I know that gaming is a good hobby. It keeps the brain fit and reactions fast.
  • Danskuz's Avatar
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    at first gaming helped me to appreciate my game buddies ex. My brothers and online friends. After I learned skills of appreciation I gained lots of buddies irl and online buddies to play with. I got into competitive esports with my skills, learned to play new games and associate with people around the world. Gamîng buddies made me learn English and Swedish language skills so I could play with foreigners!
  • Sxurhxney's Avatar
    Personally, gaming helped me socially, i got to reach out to other people with similar interests. Also, it helped my problem solving a bit, when i was younger i really struggled to deal with crisises or whenever plans changed. The multiple video games I've played over the years helped me think outside the box.
  • Tivva's Avatar
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    Games have really done alot for me. I've always been struggling with social anxiety, and being ingame has helped me to start talking to people. I don't know why but it feels much easier to spend time with others as I'm in a more relaxed state when I play.
    I've met some amazing people though online games and a few of them I even consider my best friends. 😄

    I have also learned alot about story wrighting and creative thinking! And that's something I really need as I'm currently in indie game development school, learning how to create some awesome games. ✌️
    My reflexes has always been better than most people's and I belive that because I played alot of counter strike back in the days. 😂

    Gaming is my lifestyle and I'm it has probably evolved me in ways I don't even realize.🤷‍♂️💭
    I honestly want to win this laptop for my girlfriend to help her with her social anxiety, she recently started gaming and agreed to join me and my friends in many different games but her computer is about 10years old and keeps crashing even before entering games.. So she's stuck just watching us play for now.. 🙁
    ​​​​​​​Well that's all I guess.
    Thanks for the chance Lenovo and good luck to everyone entering 🍀

  • TheFinnishGuy's Avatar
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    How has gaming evolved you?

    Gaming hasnt always been a part of my life. I was around 9 when i played minecraft for the first time with my brother, minecraft really helped to strengthen my creativity and imagination.

    A bit later when i was about 14 i got my first PC and i was introduced to online gaming. Playing online has evolved me a whole lot.
    I was introduced to many different cultures, and many different people, and it has helped me to understand different people from different countries better.
    My english has also gotten a lot better thanks to gaming.
    I used to be a shy kid, but gaming evolved my social skills and im much more confident around people nowadays because gaming taught me to talk to many different kinds of people.

    Gaming has also evolved my technical skills and introduced me to different things like editing and graphic design. I edit a lot of videos in my free time thanks to many gaming youtubers who edit their own videos.

    Gaming has also thaught me discipline and how to keep track of my feelings better. I imagine that all of us have encountered a lot of toxicity while gaming, and for me it has partly been a good thing because it has made me much calmer in "heated" situations. And i can control my emotions a lot better than before.

    And last but not least ive gotten many friends online and in real life thanks to gaming :)
  • SHIELDIE's Avatar
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    Gaming has made me extremely strategic and versatile. Making hard decisions in short amounts of time have become easier with the years.

    ​​​​​​​Have a great winter people! 🤘😁

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