[Closed] Competition!! How has gaming evolved you?

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  • E7emppu's Avatar
    Level 1
    My reaction time and social skils has got better.
  • Lekru's Avatar
    Level 1
    Gaming has forced itself into my life, and I don't mind. Not only did it make me happy and laugh, it made me plenty of friends who I now can't live without.
  • boldie93's Avatar
    Level 1
    Gaming is My Safe space, it makes me a better person , and im trying to get better at gaming but its Hard without a PC ..
  • Kramerongo's Avatar
    Level 1
    Well got me a lots of friend from around the world and some I have meet in person to, it was soo fun. We play together and eat at the same time. We do alot at the same. I have an idea on game and plan to do some hard work on prog to finish and released.
  • Godofblood's Avatar
    Level 1
    I could say gaming definitely helped me evolve the mindset of constantly trying to be better, competitive gaming is fun and all but also a great excercise for the brain!
  • Strider's Avatar
    Level 1
    I would say personally gaming has evolved me in a matter which is mutually beneficial for myself aswell as others around me, be it family or friends. I have developed a pretty good hand to eye coordination, aswell as other attributes such as learning compassion, becoming more vary of my surroundings, being able to read a situation from a different perspective aswell as take the best course of action in order to not upset both parties. I have developed a lot of leadership qualities from some games aswell, which has also learned me discipline, really gaming has made me become the fictional cool caracther that i wish i was when i was younger. Because through gaming i have been able to mold myself into who i wanted to be as a person aswell as who i wanted to be for other people.
  • Themska's Avatar
    Level 1
    Gaming has evolved me in countless of ways. It has made me less antisocial. I’ve made slot of very good friends. Some so good i’ve even got to meet them in real life. It’s fascinating how you can play with a lot of people from different culturies around the world. Gaming has been a part of my life for as long as i can remember. First memory about gaming is playing crash bandicoot on the playstation 2 with my brother. It already fascinated me back then, even though i basically had no idea how to play. Also i really got into the sly cooper series from a really young age. It has stayed in my life till this day. I’ve also almost completely learned the english language from gaming. Gaming has really changed me as a person. I hope it stays in my life for as long as i live. There’s just something very therapeutic when you come from a stressful day from school and hop on your computer to play with your best friends. It’s one of the best things there is in life. I’ve learned a lot of very important things from gaming also. For example reaction time, i’ve learned coding, foreign languages etc. You get alot of different perspectives to current world situation. From some game you can learn history that i’m very interested in. Without gaming i wouldn’t be as happy as i am and wouldn’t have nearly as many friends. My only problem basically is that i play on a old lenovo laptop. Some games my friends play/i want to play i can’t, because my computer just can’t run any newer games.Thank you for reading this. I hope i win. Good luck to everybody!
  • Macsanooj's Avatar
    Level 1
    I have been gaming as long as I remember and it sure has had an impact on who I am today. First of all, I think my general knowledge is improved due to games and gaming. My linguistic abilities have improved a lot. Not only in English, but in other languages too. Due to different games and different stories my knowledge in several subjects has improved big time. Also, gaming has made me more interested in technology, computer science and coding. Who knows, maybe I will be working in that field some day.

    Secondly, thanks to gaming, my mental and social skills have improved quite a lot. Among many things I have learned the most important is teamwork in my opinion. Teamwork abilities and working as a team is essential in ways other than games, such as work life or school. I have also learned to be patient and teach those who are not as advanced as me in certain thing or task. On the other hand I have learned to take feedback when necessary.
  • Jaanuunuu's Avatar
    Level 1
    I've learned English from games
  • carlocorcuera's Avatar
    Gaming taught me how to multi-task as well as be goal-oriented. I am more confident now on how I talk to other people as well as how I approach situations on work and my daily life.

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