[Closed] Competition!! How has gaming evolved you?

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  • SoulAxe's Avatar
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    Gaming has always been a way to escape, be it boredom or inept social skills. A way to cope with loss. It also has been my major tool to evolve language skills, majorly English, from the classic Leisure Suit Larry game where you had to type (correctly I might add) what you wanted to do.
    I myself wonder how many adults in the world, now a mother or a father who has much to thank the hours of playing Tetris in their youth, when stowing luggage for the family vacations.
  • Dsjoland's Avatar
    Level 1
    Gaming for me started when I was around 8 and played NES or PS1. Consoles started to follow me through life till around 14 when I got to see the online games on PC, mainly Diablo and Dark Age of Camelot. When creating my first characters in online games I slowly understood how much impact people around the world would have on me. I met people from all over europe, improved my english so I could better communicate and learned lots.

    Stories of people from all over when I joined a guild, their life and new things started to matter. Our rivals and competitors joked and showed raw emotion through the games even if communication was blocked. I learnt how to make acquaintances through gaming, to make friends that I could get help from whenever I was in need.

    My last 4 years of school was spent with friends both online and IRL that shared gaming as an interest. I learnt that if you really put in the time and effort you could achieve anything. Gaming for me was a life choice that mattered more than anything else and even at 34 I remember being taught planning, organizing, communicating and several big life lessons through gaming and the people of the communities.
  • StigS's Avatar
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    I have had a better reaction time and become better at solving certain types of tasks.
  • MONEYMAKER2200's Avatar
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    Im not so stresse, having a busy life with work, personale problems at home, it gives me relief but gaming has also given me a better appreciation for technology and its avancement, the graphics from counter strike 1.6 to the witcher 3 wild Hunt, the crew, cyberpunk 2077(despite the bugs), it gave me the motivation to read and understand pc building which ultimately ended with me building My own gamer PC. But professionally it gave me more multitasking skills that i use on a daily basis plus im still in touch with friends from college and 11 years later, we Are still playing games together. Fe
  • TheAcorn's Avatar
    Level 1
    I have improved in my creativity, my social skills and I have improved my language skills.
  • MoriMoonpaw's Avatar
    Head of Community
    So cool to read about all these experiences guys!! Keep them coming! 😊
    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​☕ Hi I'm Marion and I'm part of the Legion Community Team!
  • rhovind's Avatar
    Level 1
    It has made me better at dexterity, speed and accuracy. And I have learnt more knowledge, extended my vocabulary, and made more friends!
  • Iamverycoolyes's Avatar
    Level 1
    I have become better at everything, ive learned english, gotten more self confodence, socialising and everything in general, i dont have anything to play on right now so this would be nice
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  • AleksB1337's Avatar
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    Gaming has improved my english. Gaming has given me friends for life and happyness beyond measure!
  • Georg's Avatar
    Level 1
    Gaming has evolved me in many ways. it made me make loads of friends. When i got more friends i started to be more confident and be more social. I hope i can win this laptop to continue this wonderful journey with gaming😁

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