[Closed] Competition!! How has gaming evolved you?

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  • Sue's Avatar
    Gaming made me so much better at socialising and I've made so many friends over games.
  • Konjakkivaris's Avatar
    Level 1
    It has improved my English skills and patience
  • lazmo's Avatar
    Level 2
    Learn, as to many others, gaming has provided a fun medium to learn and evolve as a person. Let it be foreign languages, social skills, multi tasking or strategic thinking.
    Escape, let's be honest we all need breaks from reality and ways to relax. This is IT for me!
    Gaming offers fun way to decompress and "sharpen the saw". Take a seat, turn on your PC, and get ready to relax - it doesn't get much better than this.
    Information & knowledge, I am a sucker for historical themed games where you can explore and learn about true, historically accurate events. What better way to absorb knowledge than reliving these moments?
    Opportunity to explore more, discover creativity of game developers and evolve to the next level. The next masterpiece of gaming is waiting to be discovered and I couldn't be more excited about it!
    No regrets! Gaming has given me so much and influenced my IRL journey. Gaming has been time well invested to my personal growth. Can't wait to experience the future of gaming and witness what pushing next generation tech to the limits can bring!

    ​​​​​​​@Tamara and Legion Community Team, thank you for this LEGIONdary opportunity to bring joy to your community members 🙏😊
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  • bertolini's Avatar
    Level 1
    On a daily basis, I work with people, and have to give of myself all day, often without getting anything in return. Then there is no such thing as coming home, playing and being selfish by doing exactly what I want. Therefore, I can go to work the next day, and be there for the people who need me, and be able to give of myself all day long to be exhausted. Gaming may not develop me so much at work, but allows me to perform 100 percent when I'm there :)
  • properskillz's Avatar
    Level 1
    Gaming helped me with learning english at a very young age. Because of this I am often mistaken for being American by random teammates. Gaming has also helped me develop great problem solving skills. Lastly it has helped me to cope with stress. So that I can keep calm even in stressful situations.
  • Razzorblue's Avatar
    Level 1
    It makes mer more sociable and im more open for longer conversations than irl due to that i usaly think that beeing with more than 4 ppl is realy energy draining on my part

    but games has also help me with new ways of problem salving and patience
  • Skmrinen's Avatar
    Level 1
    I have improved especially my english skills and problem solving skills by gaming.
  • dB73's Avatar
    Level 1
    Gaming has helped me escape from this strange world where covid 19 spreads and causes grief and illness. At the same time, I have been able to safely meet friends online around the world and improve my social skills.
  • kakemonst3r's Avatar
    Level 1
    TLDR: Gaming has evolved me quite a lot.
    My mom bought me my very first gaming console when I was three years old. It was the NES. We had an old TV with a remote that was larger than a microwave dinner. Also, like the microwave dinner, the TV had to warm up before it was ready to go. The image would go up and down like it was on a rolling pin. Either way, I was already playing duck hunt despite the ducks being all over the place. You could say that I evolved some mad aiming skills.

    Later I got Wizards and warriors III, which still is one of my favorite games for that console. It was fun, the music was legendary, and it was hard seeing as you must figure everything out; there are little to no help along the way. I would consider it hard even by today’s standard with Dark Souls and the like. Maybe even harder as the game was unforgiving with no save points and the ruthless final boss. In case you haven’t played it, you get to a castle and talk to the master villain who asks if you want to join him and rule the world. If you chose the default answer or do it by accident by mashing the button to skip the text; it’s game over and back to the very start of the game. That happened multiple times before I even got to try to fight the boss, and boy was he hard. It took me years to finally take him down – so my patience and persistence got strong.

    Many years later with many hours of gaming on NES, SNES, PSX, PS2 and PC, I was in university starting on a degree in computer science. Like for many young people, moving away from home is hard. I was on my own, had a falling out with some close friends and didn’t really fit into my new environment. Like many others, I found my escape in gaming or more precisely, World of Warcraft. The in-game world was amazing with vast areas to explore, interesting stories and then there was all the different kind of people from all over the world that you could team up or interact with.
    It took a long time to reach the maximum level. Possibly longer than necessary as I played a warlock and had several strength and agility items, and also hadn’t spent my skill points as I had to be sure given the cost of resetting previous choices of abilities.
    I had dropped out of university and was now quite the chubby bunny weighing a whooping 130 kg. I really had lost my way outside Azeroth and Outland. As real life got harder, I emerged even further into the game. I got into a guild and started to play more in groups, in dungeons and raids. I got good. Suddenly I found myself being a key player that many others wanted to both chat and play with; some I even met in real life and still keep in touch with. I had done my homework about strategies and knew my class fairly well, so I became a guild officer and my opinion mattered. My language evolved both in terms of understanding and getting understood, but also in terms of being persuasive. I also learned how to trust newly found friends.
    My guild now did pretty well and we were at the final boss of the current expansion. My power supply had blown out the same day, and I couldn’t get a new for several weeks. I was the key player, so what did we do? I borrowed a terribly slow computer that had to run upside down with the window open and a fan blowing towards it. The graphics had to be set to a bare minimum and I had to reboot every time we failed. I had a whooping five fps when there was little action and really had to trust my macros when things got stressful. You were wrong Illidan Stormrage; we were prepared!
    Having beaten the current game content, I found myself feeling more successful than before; and it even showed outside the virtual world. I realized that I had to take responsibility for myself and I started to exercise, eat better and to socializing more.
    I switched computer science for economics and did well in university. I went abroad for a semester, got a bachelor’s degree and then a masters. I even lost 35 kg and my health improved. I still play games, but now it’s more of a means of entertainment than it is an escape.

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