South Africa has some of the best Fortnite players and Fortnite has become on of the most viewed and competitive games in South Africa. But we have been plagued with the fact that there are no servers for us. Even the best of us has to play on 100 ping upwards. Please know this is not the norm, if you get 100 ping, you have really good ping. The average ping in South Africa is around 200 on EU servers and 140 on ME server when ME works for us. Otherwise, it will go up to over 300. This does not mean much to someone who is not playing competitive, but it makes a massive difference. A competitor with 0 ping but with the same skill level as someone in SA will be 300 times faster than him. This means when we play in international tournaments, we have a disadvantage.
But let me tell you this, South Africans still wins, we still get top placement, and we still walk away with the prizes. Imagine if we had servers.
The best tip I can give when it comes to playing against someone with 0 ping is to stay far away from him and practice you snipes. The sniper will take him out before he is able to use his 0 ping builds against you.