I'll start off with the obvious - yes this is an RPG simulation game. Anyways, I got an early access invite from the developer and I put a few days into this game now, and I'm constantly impressed with it. I've played quite a few RPG simulation games on mobile through the years, and I really wouldn't make a thread for most of them due to it falling really quickly into the pattern of most mobile RPG simulation where the gameplay is minimal. But for Mafia Connect, the gameplay part that I think this one does really well.

So, you can run and expand a variety of business, form alliances with other forces, and take on stronger foes just as other RPG simulation games does but what’s really hooked me the most of everything, is the unique battle mechanism. Players may need to formulate their move in each battle, specifically around boss battles in the latter half that require you to think and act accordingly instead of just spend your skills or make random moves.

To be honest, I really find a lot of fun on this RPG simulation game and Mafia Connect is going to hold an Open Beta Test soon. If you are looking for a time killing game that worth to play with, maybe you can give it a try. Click here

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