So i am writing a book to help the guys in SA use gaming to make a career out of it. Last night i was laying in bed with my legion 5 gaming laptop and just going through YouTube like I always do.
I never liked the cover of my book so i decided to download corel draw.
For all you guys who doesnt know, corel draw takes alot of GFX and puts alot of strain on your pc.
To my surprice the Legion 5 gaming laptop with the 2060 GFX card handled it like it was nothing.
I could open fortnite and still have corel draw running without any affect on my laptop.
People i am telling you now, if you are looking for a all around amazing laptop that will handle littraly every task , go for the Legion gaming range.
I am not a tech person , but what i am doing with this laptop compared to what i use to be able to do is crazy.
​​​​​​​Nevr thought a gaming laptop could be this powerfull