Legion T5 Huntkey psu good?

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    Hi! I have Legion T5 with R7 5800 and RTX 3060TI. When you buy this pc with rtx 3070 you get psu from FSP which is good. But when i bought this pc with rtx 3060 ti i got huntkey psu. Ive never heard from them but when i google, everyone is saying that its bad. Should i be worried about this?

    Regards Robin
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    Hey there @robinkraft93 how are you getting on? Still around? 😊 I've managed to find someone in our products team who provided some information regarding your question about the PSU. We provide only extensively tested and compatible components, including power supply. Also, our components are all up to high standards, and we choose only the best lines to install in our products. So there is nothing to worry about – all interchangeable components are on the same level and there are no “worse” or “better” – they are virtually the same specs, just from different suppliers, which is a very standard and widespread thing in the industry for non-unique components such as PSU.