New games available for free on Stadia Pro! (October 2021) and a free controller?

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    Hi everyone!

    Autumn is officially here and there's no better time of the year for gaming: cold weather + less social events = finally enough time to tackle that long game backlog!!

    Fortunately (or unfortunately?) Stadia is helping that backlog grow, because they're not giving two or three games for free to their Stadia Pro subscribers, but five!! Here's the complete list of the new games available on Stadia Pro this October:

    Control Ultimate Edition:

    If you're not too familiar with the game, let me tell you what it's all about. It's a third-person action title that takes place in an open world (you can explore the map to your heart's content). Your character is Jesse Faden, the head of the Federal Control Agency (not bad for a 28 year old), who one fine day heads to the Immemorial House, where Jesse discovers that things are a little.... weird. Armed with the Service Pistol, she'll be faced with a bunch of paranormal occurrences.

    Perfect for this spooky season. Here's the trailer:

    Cake Bash:

    From paranormal single player, to cute multiplayer: Cake Bash is a four-player party game where your goal is to become the tastiest cake!!! 🍰 Looks like a lot of fun, especially for the little ones.

    Here's the trailer:

    Spirit: Lucky's Big Adventure

    I hadn't heard about this game before it became available on Stadia, so here's what its developer says about it:

    "Where will Lucky’s treasure map lead you? Ride as Lucky on a wild new adventure with her faithful mustang, Spirit. You’ll have lots of fun with Lucky’s fearless best friends, Abigail and Pru, by your side. There’s a wide-open frontier to explore, full of exciting quests, animals, and items to collect. Navigate dangers, like villainous horse wrangler, Hendricks, who’s a little too interested in your treasure hunt. With Spirit growing stronger in your care, and the PALs riding together in style, you’ll become a true country girl. Will you find and protect the real treasure of Miradero?"

    Another great title for children:

    Unto the End:

    Stadia knows we love a good platform game (the success of Little Nightmares II speaks for itself), so we really appreciate when the add one to the Stadia Pro free games list. The story? You need to get home to your family, but to do so you need to face a thousand adventures.

    Take a look at the trailer:

    Hello Engineer (Early Access):

    This interesting time is coming first to Stadia. Do you like to build stuff? This is the game for you!

    Hello Engineer is a multiplayer machinery-building construction game set in the Hello Neighbor universe. Scavenge, craft and overcome challenges in the sandbox world of a mysterious amusement park. Put together incredible machines built of scrap, and beware of the Neighbor.

    Take a look at the trailer:

    Other Stadia News:

    Stadia Premier Edition:

    Purchase or pre-order any game for $59.99 USD or more launching by October 10, 2021 and Stadia will help you play on the biggest screen you own with a Stadia Premiere Edition (the bundle that includes a Stadia controller). You need to purchase a game for $59.99 or more. For more info, click here.

    The offer is valid in US, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Austria, and Switzerland.


    -Stadia has introduced Phone Link, an app to connect your phone to your compatible TV and use it as a touch controller. You can also use the app to help you connect your old controller to the TV and start playing right away.

    It's available for iOS and Apple and can be found on their app stores now.

    - Last but no least, FIFA 22 and The Addams Family are available to purchase from the Stadia Store!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

    What game available on Stadia are you playing this October? Let us know in the comments! 👇​​​​​​​​
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  • Rilda934's Avatar
    Level 1
    Control looks cool. I'll be checking out Cake Bash as well
  • Paty's Avatar
    Community Manager
    Control is really good @Rilda934, had some time to play during the weekend. It's not the most wow game out there, but I really like the mystery/paranormal stuff!

    Did you get a chance to try it? How did you find it? 🤔
  • Paty's Avatar
    Community Manager
    hey @Stino123, welcome to the Legion Community!! 😎 Have you tried Stadia? Are you into single player or multiplayers?
  • Nern's Avatar
    Level 1
    Hey 👋

    Control definitely seems worth checking out.

    Will probably try Hello Engineer too, looks like a bit of fun!
  • JuaNiYoT's Avatar
    Level 1
    I bought Fifa 22 and I'm new to Stadia :). Will download Control and Hello Engineer as well probably.
  • Paty's Avatar
    Community Manager
    @Nern Control is definitely worth it! a bit clumsy at times, but really good 👍

    Hello Engineer is quite original, but I haven't tried it yet!! Have you got your Stadia code already?
  • Paty's Avatar
    Community Manager
    @JuaNiYoT how are you liking FIFA 22?? The whole super smart AI is supposed to be out of this world! ⚽😲
  • Antyrion's Avatar
    Level 1
    Stadia sometimes have really good mounths sometimes weak

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