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Hey guys 😊

Calling all @G2 Esports and Rainbow 6 fans and anyone else interested in an awesome opportunity for some R6 action with the pros!

👉 What's happening and when?
On Fri 8 October at 19:00 CEST we'll have a game night in Rainbow 6 Siege (EU servers) hosted by G2 Esports, with 2 pro players from their Rainbow 6 Team guest starring: Shas & Kayak! 😎

👉 How many players can join?
Ideal number of players: 16-20

👉 How to sign up?
  1. Register / sign-in to the community (remember to confirm your email address if you're new here so you can participate!)
  2. Drop a reply in this topic to let us know if you want to join. G2 will need your Discord ID and Siege ID to be able to organise the games so remember to include those. (If you'd rather let us know your IDs privately, that's ok, just note it in your reply and we can get your details via PM).
  3. Look out for a PM from G2 Esports to confirm attendance and your Discord invitation.
  4. On the day of the game, get on Discord a few min before the game begins! G2 will organise you into teams. 👍

As with all our game nights, the aim is to have a positive, fun and safe game together that everyone enjoys so do check the FAQs and guidelines before joining.🙂

If you want in to play some R6 with the pros, let us know ASAP! 😎
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→ If you have any questions, reach out to me via private message:)
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