The Guld 3 is out!

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    Hello, Legion gamers!

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    The Guild 3 came out of early access last week. And it didn't (yet) live up to my expectations.

    I have a history with this game, which began when I was introduced to the second part, The Guild 2, when I was still in school. It suffered from bugs and errors but was very deep and the developers thought of many not-so-obvious features (not all of them were implemented, though). But then modders stepped in and after a few years, it was finally possible to play the game the way it was supposed to be played. And the cherry on the cake was the songs by the German band Versengold, who sang 3 songs in the game as innkeeper troubadours. Here's one:

    ​​​​​​​And then The Guild 3 was announced. Which, while not exactly caught up in production hell, has been sitting in early access for as long as 5 years. You would think, the developers should have learned from the lessons of the previous game, and early access allows you to polish the game better. But no, they fell into the same hole again.

    Inconvenient menus, unnecessary routine, unintuitive gameplay, all the things that had to be fixed in the second part, were carefully transferred to the third. Again the modders will have to save the day (and they may not be given the tools to do so this time), and that means there are still some years to wait. And Versengold is not singing in the new part!

    All in all, the new part reminds me of how the previous one was when it just came out.

    But that's me grumbling. Has anyone else tried it yet, maybe at least someone liked it?
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    I've never played it, nor did I know it. It looks good, except for all the problems you mention. The game has been around for 5 years, it should be polished, but I think it is not. Maybe wait for a The Guild 4 to be better XD