Denmark's biggest gaming event - NPF 2021 15-17 October

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    Hey guys,

    Anyone here going to NPF 2021? 😎 It's taking place this weekend, 15-17 October in Fredericia Messecenter in Denmark.

    NPF is Denmark's biggest PC gaming event held every year during calendar week 41 just when the autumn school holidays start. It's a weekend of fun, gaming, giveaways and prizes and just connecting and spending time together with lots of other gamers!

    Once registered, on the first day of the event you can also sign up for fun gaming tournaments including CS:GO, Overwatch, BF4, Fortnite, LoL, Hearthstone... among others.

    At the time of writing this I can see there's only a few tickets left out of 3000 so if you're still thinking about it but haven't got tickets - GO quickly 😄

    There's also Legion presence at the event - we've set up a Legion booth where you can sit with others and play games on Legion devices! Girls Legion and Sørby Esport will also be there!! So when you spot them go say hello 😎

    Are you familiar with NPF yet? Going this year? Let us know how you liked it and which tournaments you joined!
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    Well 3000 people went and it turned out to be the biggest LAN in Denmark this year :D

    The Girl's Legion (a Danish Lenovo-supported initiative to further the role of women in gaming) were also present with giveaways, 1 v 1's in CS:GO and a heap of good vibes:)

    ​​​​​​​We gathered some pictures here, if anybody would like to check it out: And we will most definetely return next year
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    @Girls Legion Awesome!! Thanks for popping by to post about it, and welcome to the Community!😊 What was your favourite thing about NPF this year? In case anything in particular stood out for you?

    How cool would it be to play 1 v 1 with you guys in CSGO one day - I'm a little bit jealous 😄 I've just started playing CSGO and I'm LOVING IT.

    I've just requested to join your FB group, hope that's ok (also a woman in gaming! although I don't speak Danish 😄) and will check out the pictures, thanks!👍

    By the way, anyone who is interested there are some videos from the event on the NPF Twitch page.
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    The coolest thing was just meeting up in a big event and seeing real people in real time again!

    This was the biggest LAN in DK after the 'rona, so there was just a general sense of people enjoying the hell out of each others' company <3

    And welcome to the FB group! Hope your Danish will improve enough to follow the conversations in there ;)

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