What's Your Best Scenery Screenshots in a Game?

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    Many of us has played many games, some more than the other, but here time you spent in the game doesn't really matter, whether you played it for an hour or a hundred, there will always be a good picture in a game. Perhaps you didn't even like the game, but you liked the scenery, that's what we are looking for today.


    I want you to share some of your most interesting screenshots of a game you have played with some good scenery or epic images that speak for themselves, they don't have to be stunningly groundbreaking to be here, or with good graphics sometimes. The game you share might even interest someone who has never played it, or inspire others to play it again.

    Screenshots are from the core pieces of any video game, you might not notice it, but simply checking screenshots, especially made by you, greatly encourages you and grabs your interest in on that game.


    Here are a few examples of some games I played, might not be the best, but to people like me, they really make a difference to my game play.

    Cities Skylines

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    Windmills under the moon

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    Sunset over the horizon

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    Large road into the city

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    Somewhere in the small parts of town

    I was addicted to this game for a bit (and probably still are), and I spent almost an hour just watching the city without doing a thing, the scenery was really stunning to me, the city hadn't even grown as big as it can, and it's amazing, the game isn't just management and making money, most of the fun is seeing what you built work. The realism made me forget I was playing a game!

    Space Engineers

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    Earth and nature

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    How small we really are

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    Spaceship cockpit

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    Giant spaceship lobby

    A game where you build ships fly around space, the game is really in depth and has so much into it. However the images above, especially the first two, are basically nothing, nothing that I made, I was truly stunned by the graphics and scenery on a planet. Best thing is that the first two images were taken right when my ship has failed to leave the planet, and made me really look at how small we are, just sitting there among the small flowers, while the wide space is out there. Where was I, oh yeah! The images just take me away.
    The other two images are a giant space ship built by someone online, it's gigantic, took me ages to get around it, really crazy what you can build in the game.

    Surviving Mars

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    Dinner on a martian dome

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    Farm tower

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    Distant photo of the colony

    Just like cities skylines, this is a city builder, but on mars, and completely different mechanics. Other than game-play, the scenery on mars was stunning, either from a distance, or up close and personal to my colonists, especially when the colony is visible behind the window. You might not any city builders, but it's fun to watch how players built their places, or you might try one yourself for that satisfaction. These images make me proud of the progress I have made, even though it's just a game.

    Enough with me, I want to see your screenshots. Any type of game. And from any time, even now, hop on the game and get some!

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    good topic thanks to share us your screenshots
    i dont take a lot and most of them on my Lenovo laptop

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    can show you the sacrifice the tank can do it and show you tanks not useless I am doing dmg more than fighters
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    From Cities Skylines and Mount and Blade Bannerlord
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    @LockOut any screenshot will do, will be more than glad to see the tanks screenshots. Combat games can have really good scenrey or screenshots as well.
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    @LockOut any screenshot will do, will be more than glad to see the tanks screenshots. Combat games can have really good scenrey or screenshots as well.

    ​​​​​​​I stopped screen the clips or scores but if you interested I can search for you
    If you hit a wall, hit it hard​​​​​​​
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    @JokerZida I love the cities skylines one, looks really good, night is always great from above in this game.
    The other game looks like a pretty intense battle is going on, the horse doing that move is just everything in the image, really gives the vibe of hope and bravery. So much in a simple game photo.

    Really good, excited to see what you guys have. Don't fell unencouraged if you have none, I am 100% positive you can just jump into a game and take a screenshot of the horizon or a natrual scene. It is quiet easy!

    - - - Updated - - -
    @LockOut any screenshot you take while playing a game will do, not really scores, the screenshots are actually easier to take than you think, just hide the HUD (user interface) and you will get a good screenshotablle second in no time.