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Hello Legion gamers!

Anyone else plays (or remembers) Into the Breach? The turn-based tactics game from the makers of FTL (another good game) from four years ago?

I follow their studio and keep waiting for them to release something new, because I liked FTL and Into the Breach back in the day. But for four years the studio has been silent.

And now, though not an announcement of a new game, but also good news: Into the Breach: Advanced Edition update has been released! It has a new difficulty mode, but most importantly, new missions, pilots, and units were added ( just like before with the FTL update).

What's more, while the game doesn't have cutting-edge graphics, it has simple but deep mechanics with plenty of options for tactical maneuvering and has very low requirements and memory usage.

So if you enjoyed this game four years ago, or if you missed it but love turn-based tactics, there's a great reason to return to this game or get to know it. The only trouble is that you won't be able to check out all the new stuff at once, you'll have to unlock and discover it gradually, but I've already started.

Does anyone here remember this game apart from me?