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    Hello gamers!

    Lets have a chat about World of Warcraft (also known as "WoW") a little bit. In case some of you do not know what "World of Warcraft" actually is, it was released back in 2004 and rapidly grew as the most played MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) in the market. Now, after 18-years, it still has millions active subscription all around the world. However, "World of Warcraft" also have had huge cultural-impact for its fans, forming long-lasting friendships and even marriages after meeting in the game.

    With it's next expansion "Dragonflight" set to be launched this year, while current expansion "Shadowlands" Season 4 starting in around a week, 3rd August, some of you might think: should I start it or not?

    You might be thinking whatever it is too late, should you wait till next expansion or could "WoW" in general offer what you're looking for. From my point of you, the best time to hop in is now - and yes, it can offer anything for anyone.

    Azeroth has two major political-factions: The Alliance and the Horde. Both of them do have unique races and unique classes alongside beautiful zones/cities, giving you a lot of chances to try out different combinations and play whatever you'd enjoy the most. Would you rather be a Human or an Orc? Or, if you choose between Elves, would it be a Night Elf or a Blood Elf? Would you rather prefer a Void Elf or a Nightborne?​​​​​​​ Goblin or a Gnome? You got limitless options! Play the one you'd like the most and do not let anyone else to say you made a wrong choice.

    World of Warcraft can be played with several different ways: you can head for so-called "endgame" as it's called by the player-base, pushing high-end dungeons, raiding (PVE) or player versus player (PVP) content. If that is not something you would possibly like, you can also use your time to collect achievements, pets, toys, mounts or do something relaxing like fishing or gathering flowers.

    Game offers a lot for more casual-type of players as well: pets you collect can be used for Pet Battles, a bit Pokemon-type of battles against wild pets, NPC's and/or against other players.

    Current max level is 60, which will be increased to 70 when Dragonflight is out. Patch 9.2.5 brought mind-blowing change for the game, offering a possibility for cross-faction game-play between the Alliance and Horde players. Before that, you were locked with your own faction players only. It was all because of the history, as game use to have faction-war type of content - but after 18-years, that is over and cross-faction was something which has been requested by players for years.

    Those who are already familiar with World of Warcraft, what are your feelings and expectations about Dragonflight? Are you excited? Personally, so far I am loving all the changes it is going to bring us! Returning back to old talent trees, possibility to modify UI without Addons or WeakAuras, revamping the professions system. I think this will be a big turnout for World of Warcraft, making it even bigger game as it is now and bringing back a lot of players those have left it in the past.

    I would love to hear what you think!

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    ​​​​​​​World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

    ​​​​​​​"What lies beyond the world you know? The Shadowlands, resting place for every mortal soul—virtuous or vile—that has ever lived. Journey through planes of torment and imprisonment to those of rebirth and eternal reward."

    The current expansion, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, is the 8th expansion pack for the game. It is based into the realm of death, Shadowlands, into which every soul move from Azeroth after dying. Shadowlands is ruled by the four Covenants: Kyrian, Venthyr, Night Fae and Necrolord. Each one of them has their unique storyline as well as unique class-based skills. There is also The Maw, which could somehow be compared to "Hell" seen in the stories, games, movies and series. In general The Maw was meant for the souls of the lost ones, but in the story-line something has gone wrong, causing even innocent souls to be sent into The Maw instead. As a "Maw Walker", living person/champion in the Shadowlands, it is your job to help those souls to get back to where they actually belong to and stop the evil creature behind all of this.

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    As Shadowlands's last season, Season 4, is just around the corner, now would be a great time to hop-in to experience the game. You'd have several months left before the release of next expansion, which means it leaves you enough time to learn the game mechanics, your class/spec, possibly PVE and/or PVP content, explore the world, fish, collect flowers, mounts, toys or whatever you ever wanna do. That makes sure you are fully prepared when Dragonflight is out and we do take our journey towards the Dragon Isles.

    World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

    "Your awakening was unprecedented, but the time has come to claim your place in the world of Azeroth. The Dragon Isles are waiting for you to discover your purpose and awaken your wing mates in your new adventures. You will not be so easily contained.​​​​​​​"

    After exploring the world of the death for 2-years, it is time for our Heroes and Champions to return back to Azeroth. This time story will take us to Dragon Isles on 9th expansion, a zone which was originally suppose to be released on 2nd expansion Wrath of the Lich King. The Dragon Isles are the ancestral homeland of Azeroth's dragonflights, bursting with elemental magic and life energies of whole Azeroth.

    Dragonflight will also introduce new playable race, Dracthyr, which is basically a mix of a mortal and a dragon. As a Dracthyr, you will start immediately as level 58 and can choose between two different roles: either being a ranged damage dealer (dps) or a healer. They will start in The Forbidden Reach, starter zone for their race-only. No one else can't enter this area. It is going to be exciting for sure, and the Dracthyr will be one of the first things I'll try after my leveling process from level 60 to level 70 is done.

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    Legion Nordic Community is hosting World of Warcraft game-nights every Friday at 18:00 CEST. These game-nights are open for anyone interested of trying the game. Language we are using is English, so you are very much welcome to join us even if you are not from Finland, Sweden, Denmark or Norway. If you don't have a subscription to WoW, don't worry, you can play with a trial account all the way until level 20 for free. More information about how to create your own trial account can be found here:

    ​​​​​​​If you are afraid to start, don't worry, as Newcomers are greeted and helped by the volunteer players of the WoW mentorship program called Guides. I am one of them, being a Guide on Alliance side. We do it because we'd love to help, not because we would receive some benefits - as we do not! You can freely ask questions there as we Guides will do our best to help you with any problems you might have.

    For any questions regarding the game-nights, you can either comment into this topic or send a DM to me or to @MoriMoonpaw, Nordic Community Manager for Lenovo Legion.

    Hoping to see you soon either in-game or in our game-nights!

    But now, lets discuss about World of Warcraft!

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    "​​​​​​​Icecrown... a monument to our suffering. The veil between life and death. Where a usurper sits on a Frozen Throne. But no king rules forever." - Found at:
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    Level 17 We got patch notes for 9.2.7, friends. It will be out 3rd August in Europe!
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    Epic post @Liue! I'm VERY excited about Dragonflight. As you might remember I took a bit of time off from WoW and recently returned. Now it's feeling like home again. I've just finally finished Battle for Azeroth (unlocked the Kul Tiran race and Mechagnomes!) and started Shadowlands. I'd like to finish the Shadowlands main story quests before Dragonflight comes, so I'm prepared to start the newest adventures. 😎 I look forward to starting it ASAP when it goes live so that's why I'm trying to hurry it along in the previous expansions (but without not reading quests etc). I think I'll book some holiday for whenever Dragonflight launches!

    But in terms of what I'm looking forward to, it's definitely not just the new storylines and other game content but the long-awaited additional UI and character customisation options!

    Oh @Liue I actually don't remember the old talent trees. Didn't realise WoW had these? Was it a LONG time ago then or I've just somehow missed it earlier? Joined around Cataclysm I think.
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    Oh @Liue I actually don't remember the old talent trees. Didn't realise WoW had these? Was it a LONG time ago then or I've just somehow missed it earlier? Joined around Cataclysm I think.
    The classic versions of the talent trees existed until the end of Wrath of the Lich king expansion, Cataclysm had a revamped version of them and Mist of Pandaria brought the system that exists right now. You actually have access to the old trees in World of Warcraft: Classic or The Burning Crusade: Classic realms.

    The Dragonflight talents aren't exactly the old system, but inspired heavily by it. So it's even larger field of choices, there are two trees; one for your class overall and one for your spec. They brought back some iconic skills from the original talent trees, but also a few of the borrowed powers from past expansions, such as artifact abilities or covenant abilities.