The International 10 Dota 2 Grand Final has just ended! The eyes of esports fans were glued to the screen as Russian-Ukrainian team Team Spirit and Chinese team PSG.LGD fought for the title of the champion. And the Russians emerged victorious! 😀

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On the first two maps Team Spirit won after long battles, then the tempo of the game noticeably increased, and the Chinese team won two victories in a row. Team Spirit lost the 2-0 lead advantage, but managed to make a comeback for a 3-2 victory!

And that was a close one! 😅The fourth match lasted 25 minutes with PSG.LGD dominating from the very beginning and resulted in a devastating score of 23-2😱 .This brutal fourth-game loss left the record at 2-2, so for the third time in the history of The International Grand Finals, the decisive fifth battle had to be fought. The stakes were high!

In the end, the Moscow-based Team Spirit managed to take the initiative and won with a score of 3:2, and the Dota 2's Aegis trophy 🏆 has come back to Eastern Europe for the first time since the inaugural tournament in 2011 - then the champion was the Ukrainian team Natus Vincere (Na'Vi). Along with the trophy, Team Spirit received the single largest prize payout in esports history: $18,208,300. 🤑

It has been an awesome championship this year with several dark horses and some unexpected victories, not to mention the breath-taking Grand Final with its suspenseful 2-2 score. The best moment for me was when Team Spirit defeated Invictus Gaming, that had a bit of an underdog vibe. 🤩

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