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Hi gamers!

DreamHack Winter 2021 is coming - November 25-28!

It’s time for an old school DreamHack party. Bring your friends and gather at Elmia, Jönköping Sweden for a 4-days LAN party with 3000+ seats! You can join the BYOC tournaments or just play games with your friends. In addition to the LAN party, you'll find a small expo and a bunch of activity zones to get a break from the PC. There will also be a main stage with live music and activities, real-life games and much more.

Are you thinking of going?👀

All the ticket information is on the DreamHack website, see here. HOWEVER, I recommend you keep checking the community in the next few days... We might have a free tickets opportunity coming. 😉

If you register/login you can also subscribe to the News & Announcements board to get notified when new announcements are posted. 👍

So what do you think of DreamHack - ever been? Would you like to go this year?