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Hi guys, some cool news:

Our Legion community for the EMEA markets (so including our Nordic community!) has been nominated for the Community Industry Award 2022 in the category of BEST NEW COMMUNITY! 🥳

The award celebrates a community that has shown significant growth and success since its launch. We launched this Community for Nordics, Middle-East and Africa, Italy and Spain in March 2021, with lots of cool and exciting activities, discussions and game nights taking place ever since! We've also expanded recently and added communities for France, Poland and Russia. Thanks everyone here in the Nordic community and across all the markets for building our community since then - let's keep it up! 💙

The voting stage is open until Friday 19th November, and, if you're reading this, why not join us in voting! 😎

How to vote?
  1. Go to the awards category page
  2. In the Best New Community section, choose Lenovo Legion EMEA
  3. Scroll down to complete your vote by filling in your details (name, email)
  4. Click Submit

Thanks in advance everyone for your vote and good luck!! We'll hear more in a couple of months once finalists are picked.

Cast in your vote if you get a moment, and let me know what your favourite thing has been about the Legion Community so far? 😊