Legion 5 Pro feels sluggish and gets low frame rates in games all of a sudden

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    Ive been using my new Lenovo Legion 5 Pro for a few months now.
    I have the intel version (i7 - 11800 , 16GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce RTX3060)

    I wanted to play some games today after a long day hower I noticed my games are running very poorly.
    I tried playing battlefield 5, and just cause 3 normally I always have 60fps in battlefield v (capped) and around 140 in just cause 3.

    But now im getting 15 - 30 fps in battlefield V and just cause 3 and the games are very stuttery.

    Ive looked at task manager while gaming and the hardware utilisation of the cpu never goes higher than 20% around the same for the RTX 3060.
    It feels like i'm gaming on battery power even tho the charger is plugged in and im in balanced mode.

    I don't know what caused this I did not change anything of my settings
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    Seems like a power thruttle issue. Try changing the power settings on your pc. Else see if something is hugging up all your CPU/GPU power. Lastly it could be driver issues. Try to go to Nvidia and check if you have up to date drivers.
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    In case you want more help at the trouble shooting: try downloading HWmonitor, run it while you are in a game and then screenshot the information displayed in HWmonitor and post it here. The information there should make it easier to pinpoint the issue :)
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    Thanks for helping out! @Alb1rdy

    Did you manage to resolve the issue? @Mical
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    I found a solution on this reddit thread, multiple people reporting the same problem:
    Reddit - Dive into anything

    This is not a driver issue. Did two clean Windows installs before finding a solution, one with the Lenovo Recovery and the other with a clean windows ISO, and the problem remained through both installations.

    Go to the BIOS, and to the Option "Disable Battery". Unplug the computer for a minute and then plug it back in and the GPU should be back to full power.

    I was able to reproduce the problem. I use a 100W USB C charger at home, and the original charger at work. After plugging in the USB C Charger, the GPU gets stuck in low power mode and will not come back until you disable the battery as shown above, even after going back to the original charger, or a full cycle of shut down and restart.

    @Lenovo, please fix this issue!
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