Model: Legion 7 16ACHg6 (5800h, 3080)

Hi people.
I am getting strange (like VRAM OC artefacts) in Fenyx Rising. Yet no OC has been done. Checked BIOS several times, no afterburner installed also. All other tests were fine - 3dmark, OCCT 3D and OCCT VRAM and other games (WD legion, Division 2, dota 2). No crashes also. GPU temp fine, 65-70.
What I have tried: OS reinstall, drivers reinstall, several nvidia drivers check.
When did it start reproducing the issue: day 1 Fenyx was tested

This is just an example, those VRAM vertical lines are present here and there. For now only in this game. I think that it is related to VRAM, because I have seen that during my lifetime. I can send more screenshots if needed.

Bios updated, game client 1.3.4 updated, drivers updated, Win 10 updated. Any suggestion what to do?

How to be sure that it is, or it is not the GPU dying?Name:  vram issue.jpg
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