I use Google Stadia from Morocco, ask me anything

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    Heydo, I wanted to share my experience with the cloud gaming service provided by Google with fellow arab gamers here. And regardless of negative opinion, Stadia and cloud gaming overall is the future of gaming, simply because of it's cheap cost and the spread of good internet connection worldwide. So let me list some pros and cons of the service in my opinion:
    - It's convenient, you can play on any device you want, you just need a screen and the ability to connect it.
    - It's free, once you purchase your game it's yours play it for the amount of time you'd like, there are free-to-play games you can try right now like Destiny 2 just by having a Gmail.
    - The free tier let you stream your games up to 1080p60, while the optional pro subscription costing 9.99$/month let you stream your games up to 4K60 + 5.1 audio & HDR + additional discounts + monthly free games (Stadia Pro surpassed Playstation Plus and Xbox Gold in game value)
    - You need a stable connection, nothing tricky but I recommend having a 5Ghz router for a better experience.
    - It's not available here at MEA, I only use a VPN to play. It's a shame Google didn't open the services to other regions especially here and LATAM due to the poor quality of life (having to pay for a monthly internet subscription is way more cheaper than having to purchase a gaming rig or a next-gen console, in addition to the other advantages a good connection provides)
    - The lack of games, there are only 200+ games on Stadia most of them are indies or old releases. The situation is going to change in the future I believe.
    - The hardest part is to purchase games, as you'll need a Google account located in a supported country (mine is in the US) and a valid payment method for it, and it sucks.
    - Crossplay isn't an option in most of the multiplayer games, the player base is so small you'll have to search for Discord servers for specfic games in order to play with others. (TESO, R6S and The Crew 2 and some of the exceptions to this rule luckily)

    Best AAA games: FIFA21/22, Madden21/22, Borderlands 3, RDR 2, Doom & Doom Eternal, Cyberpunk, Control, Mafia 3, Resident Evil 7/8, All Ubisoft games, Tomb Raider Trilogy, Hitman Trilogy, Dead By Daylight, Life is Strange, Final Fantasy XV, Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse 2 & Kakarot.
    Informational graph (not mine)

    I have in my library so far Cyberpunk 2077, Doom, Doom Eternal, Red Dead Redemption 2 and The Elder Scrolls Online, they all play good and perform up to 60FPS except for TESO (I have 200+ on RDR2 alone lol) and I'm looking to buy occasionnaly from there, so feel free to ask me anything.

    You can register for Stadia here, they'll eventually ask you for credit card info to get a free month of Pro but you can bypass it here if it's not what you're interested into.
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    Hey @Filbrick618

    Amazing review! Really enjoyed reading this and I've added it to the MEA carousel as well :)

    About finding people to play with, why not find people here on the community? There are a lot of members who have Stadia and who would love to play with other members as well!

    How are you finding Cyberpunk 2077? I believe there's been a lot of improvement no?

    Thanks again for the wonderful review! I'm sure others have found it helpful :)
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