My thoughts about Netflix Arcane (no spoilers)

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    Hello everybody! As you probably know Riot Games and Netflix made a collab and released not so long ago the new League of Legends animated series Arcane. The general public did not have a lot of expectations cause as we all know most adaptations of video games to the big screen are not very good. But this one surprised many, including me. To be honest, I played LoL many years ago during school and it was fun, but I did not keep it up because is not my cup of tea ( fans of LoL please dont kill me!😅). I now some of the lore because I do enjoy the content (just the game not too much, again sorry😅) and as many I watched Arcane not really expecting much and not knowing what I would find. And oh boy! How I recomend it!

    If you did not watched it yet, here some reasons you should give it a chance.

    - The animation is interesting and aesthetic, pleasing to the eyes, basically you can pause any scene and you would have a wallpaper right there.

    - The plot of the series brings new things to the lore and it improves the original story of some characters, giving them depth.

    - Still on the plot topic, the story of the show is not the same cliche of the empty villain and the amazing hero who is gonna save all. Here the good ones are not soo good and the villains are not just demons and evil. The protagonists are all very deep and have reasons and motivations and they all have their hero and their villain moments, which makes them all very humane.

    - Oh my god the soundtrack! Riot Games made a super investment in the artists and orchestra that made the OST for the series; artists like Sting, Imagine Dragons and Woodkid are just some of all the amazig people who made music for the show.

    - The amazing representation of Piltover and Zaun are wow. The worldbuilding is very well done, and they made Piltover (one of the most meh locations in the game, in my opinion) super interesting. The city is the main place of events and is incredible how the history of the places themselves affects the plot and all the characters, playing an important role.

    - Mental health issues: This is a very difficult topic to adapt and they did it amazing. The series is adressing mental health issues very accurately and realisticly, with some very deep character development for the good or for the bad, representing how childhood trauma affects a person in adult life, their choices and relationships in a very humane way. All characters have motivations, reasons, but also struggle with mental health, with failure and guilt, making them relatable and likeable. One of the strongest points in the series, and is well done.

    Give it a chance if you havent watched it and you are into animation, and if you did watched it, comment what is your opinion?? Or if you would change something? (no spoilers please!)
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    Hey @galadrielmt! After seeing your post, I went on Netflix and watched the first episode and I have to say, is pretty good! Great watch for the holidays. I was pleasantly surprised, since I am not a big fan of LoL, but I was always curious about the story (because in the game there is like, none).

    ​​​​​​​@bekaleo have you watched it yet?
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    I was always curious about the story (because in the game there is like, none).

    idk if you know but there is story about league of legends more than arcane
    and when 2 champs sometime you will find him talk to him like if vi be close to jinx they will do small chat
    like that
    i want you foucs about fiddlestick and warwick voice :)
    and there is story out of gameplay like shen and zed
    you can find it on youtube if you dont like to read
    i dont know if i make it clear if i didnt i can retype it
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    @LockOut yesssss I am the same! I never loved he game, but content from it, like introduction to new cahmpions and cinematics. And I must admit that Fiddlesticks is amusing. Thank you for the links!!😎

    - - - Updated - - -
    @LilySensei (Paty) Glad you liked it! I finally convinced my husband to check it out and he is binged 😎. It is realy pretty good.
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    your welcome
    if you want there is alot story's about champ you can find it on google but be sure is not old version i mean like zed get some change on his story so you need to check new one not old one and sometimes the champ got more than 1 story or be main character on another champ story like warwick he be main character on singed story
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    @LockOut thats true. I know some of the old lore, amd some characters have significant changes in the series, like Jayce and Caithlin (good changes in my opinion) Also the story of Vi is a little different and now we know the origins of Viktor champ name "The Machine Herald" and we also learn the origins of Ekko
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    most important thing to me its i wish they will not change ekko future like his story so sad to be honest all stores on zone its sad xd
    and wish if the arcane session 2 (if they will do it) focus on another champs like Vander and singed etc
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    Thanks for posting about this @galadrielmt super intersting as I have the show on my watch list on Netflix! I'ill definitely check it out now thanks to your description and your views too @LockOut!

    I'm especially intrigued now about the mental health related aspect. It's such a delicate thing to portray and also I have a personal interest in it in general - great to hear they're doing it well. 🤗

    Wonder if I get any insight into the characters as a beginner when I play LoL or if it's more for those who have played for years? 😄
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    @MoriMoonpaw it's fine you can watch it without have any information about champions
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    Thanks @galadrielmt!
    Tbh, I didn’t really like the game 😊 but after reading your review of the series, I’m pretty curious actually and already put it on my Xmas watchlist ;)