Spring is here! 🌱

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    Hey guys, happy Monday!

    I'm sitting at home, working, but I can hear birds singing outside 🦉🐦 🦅 🕊 daylight comes earlier, disappears later, and it's starting to feel like winter is retreating. Looking at the calendar, last weekend was officially the start of Spring!

    So I wanted to ask what are some of the signs of Spring that you've noticed in your home area, if any yet? 😊

    I suddenly realised the other day that a big tree behind my house is making tiny leaves already. 🍃 Also, I've seen a couple of big plumb bumblebees buzzzzzzing around in the back garden! 🐝🐝

    Here's the evidence and I even managed to capture the bumblebee in a photo (it looks tiny but it was actually huge)

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    Having said all that ^ it's not actually warm yet... but not too long to wait now.

    Are you guys summer or winter people? Enjoying the signs of spring like I do? Let me know 😄
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  • Aaricia's Avatar
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    Hi @Marion!

    That bumblebee looks really cute! :)

    Here in Poland we've had some signs of spring already:

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    Name:  20210330_140512.jpeg
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    This winter was crazy though, it kept on snowing and there was even some snow left a few days ago! Thankfully the pretty flowers survived :)
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    That's lovely thanks for posting photos of your spring @Neptune! 😊 Love those blue ones, what are they called?

    We had a warm period a couple of weeks ago when flowers started to grow (lots of sunshine and close to 20 degrees!) and then suddenly it went cold again, even snowed one day (although it didn't settle), and when I checked on the daffodils I saw growing outside the house, they had kind of deflated. 😭 I'm sure they'll be back soon though!
    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​☕ Hi I'm Marion and I'm part of the Legion Community Team!
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    @Marion I think they are called spring (or blue) starflowers - there are quite a few of them in my garden :) I was hoping to see some crocuses as well, but none appeared :(

    I'm hoping that my magnolia tree will bloom this year finally! Do you have any magnolias growing close to where you live?
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    Hey @Neptune maybe the crocuses will come when it starts getting a bit warmer! I had to google what magnolia trees look like 😅 very pretty! I don't know how to recognise them though until they have flowers I think so not sure what I have around here. I have some trees in my own garden too but I have no idea which ones they are. 😂 One of them looks like a big version of a bonsai tree. It's just now starting to grow leaves 😍
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    @Marion take some photos once they start blooming! I am curious to see :)
  • MoriMoonpaw's Avatar
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    @Neptune Only a few leaves have appeared so far but this is the tree I said reminds me of a big bonsai tree 😅 Any idea what it might be?

    Name:  tree2.jpg
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  • Aaricia's Avatar
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    @Marion it looks really cool! Unfortunately I have no idea what it is :( Are there any nature lovers here that could help solve the mystery? 🧐