As a big fan of Marlon Brando film "The Godfather" and the anime "Katekyo Hitman Reborn!" ,Google this Goddamn search engine recommend a game name Mafia Connect to me,even before I had gone through the research. At that time, only God knows what this game would bring me, but it really thrust me into the romantic world of the Mafia, from which I could not escape.

This game draws inspiration from the anime Mafia's spirit of "protecting the motherland against foreign invaders"; the game's theme derived from that, that of family and legacy. As the son of a Mafia boss, all we need to do is to show what we got and gain recognition of the mafia family. Then we could be the ones to lead the family's fight against external threats. I think that anyone familiar with the "Katekyo Hitman Reborn!" storyline would agree with me.

Although the game is inherently combat-oriented, it is primarily a casual, instructive, mafia-style strategy game. A captivating blend of business, RPG, and puzzle game, This game drew me in with its simple gameplay, the adorable visuals that was incredibly appealing to me. Casual gamers should check out this game Click here. Trust me, and you will be addicted to the game!

In addition to its excellent skill effects, the game's generous resources are what most impressed me. Most importantly, The game developer really paid a lot of attention to it. There were two separate OBTs, and both used Survey Form to analyze the players' experience and improve the game.

Everyone who enjoy this genre of game could fill out the Survey Form and leave your suggestion here, in order to assist the developer in making improvements. Click here
I look forward to seeing an improvement in my favorite game! So, lets give the game a spin!
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