Community AMA: G2 Esports! Answers are in!

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    Hi guys, happy Monday!

    Thanks everyone who submitted your questions over the past couple of weeks to learn more about what the world premier esports club, G2 Esports, is all about. 🙏

    It's AMA answer time today!! 🙌
    The G2 team has come back to us with their answers and we've collected them below. 😎Take a look and drop a comment below to let them know your thoughts - ask follow-up questions too if you think of some because G2 staff will be lurking around at some point as well.


    What is G2 Esports?
    G2 Esports is one of the leading entertainment assets in esports, bringing together some of the best competitive players in the world and biggest personalities in gaming. The club was co-founded by legendary League of Legends player-turned-team owner, Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez, and veteran esports entrepreneur and investor, Jens Hilgers.

    With decades of experience, G2’s multinational staff elevates the company to the highest levels of performance in every aspect of business in the esports industry. G2 collaborates with the best partners, creates top-of-the-line merchandise, develops the most entertaining content, and enables its players to surpass any obstacles to spark outstanding performance in the most prominent tournaments and leagues. G2 Esports is, and has been since inception, one of the top-five most successful esports clubs in the world.

    [Read more in the intro]

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    On to the good stuff:

    1. Q by @Anakiah:
    Good evening, it's about G2 esport Lol, would it be possible to reimburse us for our "croquettes" at OTPlol_ twitch I bet all my hopes on the victory of our triumphant G2 against EXCEL and what was my surprise when Xl was stole all my delicious croquettes, it's a bit like a PSG - Brest, we were lied to!

    Answer from G2:
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    Eh bonsoir Anakiah,
    When betting your precious croquettes on G2 you should always remember our capacity to int! But because we do feel bad, we reached out to Karnage to see if he could help us with your little croquette problem. Here’s what he had to say:

    G2: Yo Karnage on a un frérot qui veut récupérer ses croquettes de notre défaite contre XL. Tu peux lui donner un ptit coup de main stp ?
    Karnage: mdr non One thing you can be sure of though is that if you bet your croquettes on us in playoffs, you won’t be let down because we’re winning the whole thing 😎

    2. Q by @Benji
    Good evening, are you taking a look at the LFL? if so, does a team seem eligible to participate in Lec?

    Answer from G2:
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    We love tuning into all the regional leagues (especially G2 Arctic in SuperLiga 😉)! there is a great pool of talent and there is no doubt that there are LEC caliber players in the league. But if you ask us, even Kcorp wouldn’t stand a chance (cheh).

    3. Q by @Zytlea
    Hello, it is possible today to get out of nowhere while having the skills of Faker and join your structures or must necessarily that there are social issues and title that follow?

    Answer from G2:
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    Hey great question! To be a pro player, it’s true that you need exceptional mechanical skills, but that alone won't get you anywhere - you need to be willing to put in a lot of work and be a team player! Winning tournaments definitely will help you get noticed but it’s not the most important thing. Keep working on your game and yourself and maybe one day we’ll see you on G2 😉

    4. Q by @Rootlf
    Are you planning to create a team for Valorant? Are you going to try to form low rank players as well?

    Answer from G2:
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    Well we already have a Valorant team with Mixwell, Pyth, Patitek, Zeek and Ardiis! At one point we were the best in EU but seeing as how they failed to qualify for Masters 3 times, we’d say they’re pretty low ranked 😅

    5. Q by @Marion
    I actually have one question from me, to the G2 Esports team itself - what are some of the stuff you guys like do on your free time when you're NOT gaming?? 😅

    Answer from G2:
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    We all love gaming, so naturally we play a ton of games, maybe we could organize a gaming night soon 👀

    There are tons of us at G2 and we all have very different hobbies. But because we couldn't ask everyone to chime in, we just put together some of our favorite non-gaming activities!

    Walking our dogs, baking homemade bread (and eating it), climbing mountains, listening to music, drawing, playing ping pong in the office and of course, the best non-gaming activity of all... sleeping!

    6. Q by @strides
    This is the Fortnite side of G2 This question is for Letshe what's your favourite moment of the Fortnite World Cup

    Answer from Letshe:
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    When I entered the stage in front of thousands of people.

    7. Q by @mad
    My questions goes to LeTsHe why don't you stream in English instead of German ????

    Answer from Letshe:
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    I stream in English a lot!

    8. Q by @Liue
    How much time it takes in average per week for your team to prepare for upcoming tournament, for example, and how do you fit it with your personal life? Do you feel it being hard? Also, as a second question, has COVID-19 pandemic anyhow affected to your eSports team in general? Does it mean more or less amount of time to train?

    Answer from Chicago/Jknaps:
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    About 10 hours of scrims at least I think would be the norm, with extra hours of replay review and more individual practice. Its hard to fit in with your personal life especially if you are in school but it is your job at the end of the day so you have to prioritize it. Yes, it is hard to fit in.

    The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our team very heavily. A big factor for being a top professional player is being able to travel to live events and play in front of a crowd which COVID has prevented from doing so. We are also limited to playing our home region only compared to playing teams from all across the world. In terms of time to train it hasn"t changed, you still have to put in the work to be the best.

    Well there you go. Thanks a lot G2 Esports team for answering member questions from the community (and some of ours too) - much appreciated! Awesome to learn more about what you guys do. 😄 We'll probably do this again in some format in the near future so do keep an eye out for more. 😉

    Don't hesitate to reply if you have any additional comments for G2 - they'll be around!
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