League of Legends: Play with us Thursday the 13th of January at 17:00 UK Time

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    Hello everyone!

    I hope you had a great holiday break! Are you ready to get back into gaming together with us and would like to join us for a game of League of Legends on Thursday? 😊


    * On Thursday the 13th of January at 17:00 UK time.

    Who can participate?

    * Anyone with any level can join!

    How can I register to participate?

    * Just leave a comment below 👇.

    Before the event:

    * We'll send you an invite to our Discord channel if you're not already there.
    * Download LoL if you haven't already - you can download it for free

    When it's time to play:

    * Open Discord and join the "Waiting Room" voice channel.
    * We will then add you to the private "Game Night" voice channel.
    * Once all participants are there, we'll create a game and start playing!

    See you Thursday! 😎
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    @bekaleo, @Aaricia here loves LoL, see you on Thursday? 😃
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