As-Salam Alykum
Hello everyone 👋

Today we will review the game The Settlers from the well-known company Ubisoft, the game is in the strategic genre and RTS.
The game is similar to the well-known Age of Empires series, where you must build your siege, provide resources for development, arm your army to face enemies, and explore the world, where survival is not for the strongest but for the smartest who excels in future planning 👌.
So far, there is not much information available, all we know about it is its high-quality graphics and superb realistic-like movement of the characters 😊😍 Very nice visual enjoyment, in addition to team play (online)

It seems that the game has a great future, as Ubisoft has a long experience with the same type of games, and there will be great competition with the strategy game of the previous year, Age of EmpiresIV.

The game is coming on March 17, 2022 on PC, in addition to the beta from January 20 to 24, 2022
​​​​​​​You can register for the beta through the following link: The Settlers - Register now to get a chance to play | Ubisoft (UK)

What do you think of the game?! Will you try it? And who will win by the end of this year as the best strategy game, especially with the expectation of more strategy games such as Manor Lords?!