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  • MoriMoonpaw's Avatar
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    Hi guys!

    Do you have any pets? I have 2 cats myself who have been with me for about 8 years. 🐈 They often sleep on my lap (well, one at a time) when I play games or work at my desk on the computer. Sometimes they lie on the desk next to my laptop and purr while I'm typing. 😻Sometimes they also type. When they get hungry or want my attention for some other reasons they start disturbing me though, walking across the keyboard or knocking stuff on the floor, rustling paper bags or boxes etc. Anything they know will get me up from my chair. 😅

    Here are my cats:

    Black one is Drake
    Yellow one is Arthur
    (Guess who they were named after? 😄)

    Name:  Drake2.jpg
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Size:  258.4 KB Name:  Arthur2.jpg
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    I had another cat some years ago but she sadly passed away. Before that, some goldfish and a hamster! I've always wanted a snake and some kind of large lizard as pets but I think the cats would either be scared of them or kill them (or both) so it might not be a good idea. I have a garden now and been thinking of building a chicken coop there, although I have a feeling it's much more work keeping chickens than I might realise. 😅🐔

    🐈 🐕 🐭 🐥 🦄 🐠 🦎 🐖 🐝 🐍 🐹

    Let me know if you have any pets and what they're like? I'd love to see some photos too!
    Do they also "help" you while you're gaming or working at your desk like my cats do? 😸


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  • cyrusnimda's Avatar
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    Nice pics, is Arthur always looking that angry? he he he
    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is Niky, he likes to put his hands under the laptop because is like a radiator 😎
    Because he was so young we didn't know yet if was a male or a female, I chose a name I could use for both.
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    But now the rains weep over his hall,
    with no one there to hear. 🦁
  • MoriMoonpaw's Avatar
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    Aww Niky seems like a very sweet cat @cyrusnimda 😻How old is he now?
    Hahaha Arthur doesn't always look angry but he has a funny face and depending on the angle I can get some funny photos where he always looks disapproving. 😂
  • RudiVermeulen's Avatar
    Level 15
    I have one fur child. Her name is Nandi which means joyful and happy. She is such a lovely companion and reminds me there is still hope when things are turned upside down. 😀

    Name:  IMG_20170312_221801.jpg
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    ​​​​​​​No care in the world LOL!!
  • MoriMoonpaw's Avatar
    Head of Community
    Awww @RudiVermeulen Nandi looks so happy indeed 😁 Look at that sweet face!