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Samsung announces its next processor Samsung Exynos 2200
You will wonder about its importance!!
The processor is integrated with the graphics processor from ADM.
This processor uses 4nm multi-technology to improve the overall performance and efficiency of the processor, with efficient power management and reduced battery consumption with high display quality in games.
The artificial intelligence technology comes with an upgrade through the new NPU cores, which can support the image processor to take more realistic pictures, and the ISP processor can support a 108-megapixel sensor in single-camera mode, and support 4K HDR and 8K video recording.
But what we want to focus on is ray tracing technology.
From an AMD GPU with computer-like graphics features like hardware-accelerated ray tracing to the latest ARM-based CPU cores. The chipset is already in mass production, which means it is in the queue for use in the upcoming Galaxy S22 series which is expected to be revealed in a couple of weeks.

What is its importance?!
This will cause an evolution and revolutionize the graphics of mobile devices and accelerate the development of games.
Share your opinion about one of the mobile games you would like to try with ray tracing technology?!