Do you even fortnite?

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    Hi team!

    Yesterday, during the early hours of the morning i may have stumbled upon a possible gold mine for those that may not know of these EU tournaments regarding fortnite.

    I will add that i haven't checked it out myself yet, but will definitely be doing so in the upcoming days. I will then post my feedback here of my findings. If anyone has already entered these gates, please post here for all to see.

    As usual, the tournaments we are used to you can make a buck or 2 seeing that the total prise pools vary anywhere from $5 to $30. I have found links to NON SWEATS lobbies ( yea, sure there might be one or 2 in there but thats not the point).

    These pools go up to $1000 for solo's, duo's, trio's and squads. The ranking system is a little different and you get paid based on placement, kills and more!! Enabling you to make something EVERY SINGLE MATCH.

    Check it out and best of luck to all.

    " Think less, do more"

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