Baker's Man Biscuits!

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    Can you believe that the beloved Bakers Man brand turns 171 this year? That’s right – it all started way back in 1851 when John Frederick Baumann, a Brit, moved to South Africa and opened a grocery and bakery in Durban - Back then, it was called the British Colony of Natal! In 1881, his nephew, JML Baumann, joined him and expanded the business.
    By the 1930s, almost 200 people worked for Bakers® and they boasted 240 different types of biscuit lines! One of them being the FAMOUS Marie Biscuit.
    But enough of the history part! The real magic of Bakers® biscuits lies in the variety of delicious biscuits that many South Africans have grown up with :)

    Soo Question for the day : Which is your favourite Baker's man biscuit??! MINE is Romany creams! <3
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    These are the biscuits we all grew up with, Speaking of Marie Biscuit's - who still eat's it like purity? [DON'T BE ASHAMED, LOL] Baker's biscuits go best with tea!
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    I always enjoyed having tea and Marie biscuit. I used to soak the Marie biscuit in it and squash it up and have it lol
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    @DjYavishD yeeesssss! That's what I mean when I say I have it like purity, it is soooo goood! It's even better to know that we are on the same page with Marie Biscuits!