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    Hi team.

    Im not sure if this is appropriate to the forum, feel free to crack your knuckles if this is the wrong platform but i have an idea. ( perhaps we can open up a trade and sell page) for users looking to get rid of their old merchandise, just a thought. Not everyone is able to always buy everything at retail or even the latest stuff. ( im one of those) and im pretty sure there are more out there.

    Selling off your old stuff thats not being used and gathering dust in the cupboard to someone who can actually use it and afford to buy it rather than retail, is in my eyes one of the best ways to help fellow gamers in the community.

    If this request is passed it will be life changing to many including myself. Anyone else that agrees with me smash that like and lets build something new here!?

    In my case, im still utilizing DDR3 1333mhz, 4 slots available but can only utilize 3 of them, the one went bad and wont boot if used. This is fine for me, atleast i can stull do my things😊( 👀 stone age).

    Maximum GB is 32 for the memory. Translated to 8Gig per slot at best since there are 4. But as we know 1 slot is bad, so that maximum RAM i am ever able to use is now 24Gig.

    Lets see if we can get a page opened for us folks. I for one will definitely make use of it if the motion is passed.

    ​​​​​​​Thanks in advance.
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    @Raine ah, okay no that's cool then. I think what i will do it host a whatsapp group for people to join if they wish. Over there we can trade buy and sell amongst ourselves. You can silence the group so that it doesn't disturb your peace. ( in some cases). The people that are interested inbox me and ill add you. 😊
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