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    Welcome to our community! 👋
    Gaming brings people together and we know that at Legion! We've created this space for you to play together and discuss games with other players. It's a place for fun, support and getting to know each other. If you’re new to the community (welcome!), check out a quick guide on how to get started.

    If you’d like to join the community, you can register here.

    To ensure our community remains an enjoyable, constructive and safe place to spend your time, we have listed some guidelines below for all members to follow.

    Community Guidelines:

    1. Be kind and respectful of each other
    Everyone in the community should feel welcome and included no matter what their background is or their level of knowledge or experience, new and regular forum contributors alike (including staff).
    • Be pleasant and constructive and avoid using offensive language
    • Avoid publicly naming and shaming others for whatever negative reason to stay respectful (if you spot something that goes against the guidelines, you can report the post to the Community Team instead).
    • Remember to say thank you if someone helps you out - this is a nice way to show your appreciation and encouragement. A quick way to do this is to use the Thumbs Up button, and you can also post a thank you message in the topic.
    • Avoid posting in ALL CAPS as this can sometimes be understood as shouting.
    • Please don't post conversations about religion or politics - even if the intent is positive these can quickly turn heated on discussion forums, and we'd like to avoid this on our gaming community.

    2. Stay safe - don’t post personal information
    Discussions on this forum are public and can be viewed by anyone. For your safety and privacy, please don’t post your personal information such as phone numbers or email addresses for everyone to see. If you spot anyone having done that, please let the Community Team know by using the Report Post button.

    3. Please don’t post spam, advertising, offensive, proprietary or any other type of unlawful content
    If you spot any spam posts on the community, you can help us deal with it by sending a content report notice to us (the little danger icon on each post, you'll need to be logged in to do that) - we can then spot it quicker with your help and deal with it.

    Even though discussing PEGI 18 games is generally fine, there are certain videogames that contain very adult-only, strong sexual themes and imagery. Please avoid discussing these types of games publicly on the forum so we can keep discussions community-friendly. If you're uncertain whether a game is community appropriate or not, we're happy to discuss it with you so just drop us a PM on here or on Discord and we can take a look. 👍

    4. Stay on topic
    To help others to easily engage with you in a discussion, try to write clear posts that relate to the topic. If you feel like discussing something that’s completely different from the current discussion you’re in, simply start a new topic. There are several different forum boards available with their own topic areas, including Off Topic.

    5. About usernames
    You're more than welcome to register with any username you wish to use here on the community (why not use your gamer tag?) 😊 Just make sure it doesn't include offensive language or personal information just like with any other forum content, and please also avoid using our brand names as your username, such as 'Legion' or 'Lenovo' as this could quickly become confusing.

    6. Community Gaming Events
    Community game nights are friendly and positive events where we have fun, cheer each other on and learn together. Good vibes only! 🤗 Just like with our forum guidelines, any kind of harassment or bullying will not be tolerated. Please respect everyone's gaming experience be they absolute beginners or pros so we can all enjoy inclusive, diverse and safe gaming experiences together. 💙

    About age restrictions in games:
    Some games we play are PEGI 18, which means that only players who are 18 or over can join game nights featuring these specific games, such as Call of Duty Warzone and Rainbow 6 Siege. By joining game nights that feature PEGI 18 games, you confirm that you are 18 years or older. We do understand that it kind of sucks if you can't join some game nights when something sounds cool, however this is a legal requirement. We host plenty of game nights in other games with a lower age restriction, such as Fortnite, League of Legends, Among Us, World of Warcraft - and you can always suggest a new game for us to play together if you have any ideas!

    Check out our Game Night FAQs for more info.

    How can you help?
    Team Legion (our community managers) are here to help ensure this forum is a positive and welcoming place for all members. If you spot anything yourself that goes against the above guidelines, please report it to us by clicking on the “Report Post” button and we will receive a notification.

    Breach of Guidelines
    If these guidelines are not followed, it may result in the Community Team having to edit or remove content. With game nights, not following the guidelines (section 6 above) will result in us having to remove the participant from the game as providing a safe environment for all players is extremely important to us. In serious cases a breach of these guidelines may warrant a member’s permanent suspension from the Community. We’d rather not do that so please do play nice and keep to the guidelines. Our Community Managers will attempt to discuss and resolve any issues together with the member in most cases before a suspension is considered.
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