Legion Pro 5 (ryzen 7 5800H, 16gb, 512 gb, rtx 3060) gpu maxing out playing Lost ark?

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    Hi Guys,
    I just got my laptop yesterday to play Lost Ark, and noticed directly entering the game that the GPU is maxing out playing this game and having nothing else activated, tabbing out and looking at control panel i could see it was over 70-70c temp at times.
    Is this normal playing this game?

    My fans literally sound like the computer is about to take flight of my desk running at that high speed. Im worried i'll ruin the computer continuing like this, is there anything i should/could do to fix this? Looking at Legion vantage every bar is full when i tab out from game (GPU, CPU and VRAM) basically.

    I have all new drivers installed, also rolled back from W11 to W10 again hoping it would help. I played on both performance and balance mode, same result. Turned down the graphics in game.

    Appreciate any help as i spent 3 hours last night googling and trying the things above with no improvement.
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    Hello @Heltloco
    I got some problems with my laptop fan before near your problem but not same. just call support center by email or Twitter or Facebook

    Lenovo / Twitter

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