As-Salam Alykum
​​​​​​​and hello everyone 👋
The Banned West Horizon will be released tomorrow exclusively on devices
Playstation 4, PlayStation 5.

The events of the second part take place 6 months after the first part.
There is a lot of pressure on Aloy and she will suffer because of the scourge that threatens the world and also because of the robots.
And also a shot of a robotic creature with a stunning look like seeing a brachiosaurus for the first time in Jurassic Park
The game offers mystery, traditions, and terrible history. There are many secrets and mysteries that have not yet been revealed.
Even if you didn't play the first part, playing the game is easy and smooth and new players can enjoy it
The game world is unique and exciting to explore, lots of rocky terrains is built for you to climb and explore.

Game graphics:
The details of the faces are exciting and attract the player's interest
And the graphics were drawn with impressive precision, much like the rocky terrain they were built to climb and explore.

Playing hours:
The same as the first part, and this means that the story will be presented for 22 hours
And if you want to finish the game completely by doing side quests and exploration, you'll need about 70 hours.

Share your opinion, would you buy it? Have you tried the previous part of the series?