Legion Phone Duel 2 - Join us online 8 April 2021

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    Hi everyone!

    By now you've probably seen us mention a few times that something cool is coming, which of course turned out to be the Legion Phone Duel 2. 😅

    It's happening guys...



    Legion Phone Duel 2 is the true power you need.

    Join us for the online press event tomorrow, 8 April 2021 at 12:30 PM (UTC+1)!! Live feed in the reply below.

    Who's excited? 😎

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    Good morning everyone and happy Thursday! 😊
    No more wait.

    We are here to bring the best gaming phone to you.

    Legion Phone Duel 2.

    WATCH IT LIVE below at 12:30 PM (UTC+1) today!

    ​​​​​​​(That's 14:30 for Finland, 13:30 Denmark/Norway/Sweden).

    Let me know what you think? Excited? 😁
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    Hey guys, what did you think of the live event and the phone specs and features announced? 😎

    We learned some very exciting stuff about the new Legion Phone Duel 2! We'll post all the details about it shortly, but in the meantime, here's some quick handy info:

    The revolutionary Legion Phone Duel 2 is the flagship gaming smartphone with integrated Twin Turbo-Fan & Octa-Trigger for console-controller-like gaming experience.
    The phone has 2 different models, each in Ultimate Black or Titanium White colour - available across Europe from 10 May 2021 (pricing and availability might vary per country)

    • 16/512GB model with a docking station
    • 12/512GB model without a docking station

    Black colour model:
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    White model:
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    Docking station:
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    Quick update! I've just posted more information about the phone (features and tech specs) in the Discussions & Feedback section - let me know your thoughts in the topic. 😎