The Cuphead Show - a cartoon series based on the Cuphead game

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    Good news for animation lovers!

    The end of last year brought us the Arcane animated series in the League of Legends universe, and early this year (February 18) we got another series based on the game, this time The Cuphead Show based on the Cuphead!

    Many people (me included) have been looking forward to this series because the main charm of the game is the 30's cartoon style. And the game's authors, Moldenhauer brothers (Chad and Jared), admitted that they were inspired by the old cartoons of Walt Disney and Fleischer Studios. So the series is a kind of homage to the early classics using modern technology.

    The story takes place on the Inkwell Isle where two brothers, Cuphead and Mugman, are looking for (and finding) fun and different adventures. So much so that already in the first episode Cuphead loses his soul to the charmingly cartoonish Devil.

    Personally, I've almost finished the series and the visuals really are top-notch. Especially those who like the classic cartoons are in for a real nostalgia trip. And though in some reviews I've read there's an opinion that the series lacks depth and story originality, I'd say that this, too, is a part of the homage to classics - the old cartoons were often notable for flashy visuals rather than depth.

    Separately, I would like to mention the music part. As well as the visuals, the music was one of the game's gems: composer Ego Plum wrote some great jazz pieces for the game, reminiscent of the beating rhythms of the Great Depression. He wrote music for the cartoon as well, adding to and rearranging the game's tunes and, what I enjoyed the most, almost every episode features some stylishly appropriate action song in addition to the visuals.

    The first 12 episodes of the series are already out (on Netflix) and make up the first season, but there are 3 more blocks of 12 episodes each and the whole series will consist of 48 ten-minute episodes. So there's still room for growth for the creators!

    Have you seen the first season of the series yet? And if so, have you played the game as well?
    I haven't played it, to be honest, it's not my kind of hardcore, and now I don't know how many of the show's easter eggs have passed me by.
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