G2 Playoffs Predictions vs Rogue (Sat 10 Apr)

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    Hey gamers, LEC finals are near!

    We know the #G2ARMY is full of big brain analysts but we want to see just how good you are! Get any correct guess (bonus points for multiple correct guesses) and get a special prize 👀

    For our series (Bo5) against Rogue tomorrow, we want you to predict the following:

    Game 1

    • Which player (any team) will get first blood?

    Game 2

    • What will the CS difference between Top laners be at 26:43 and who will be ahead?

    :Game 3

    • Who will take the most dragons and how many will they get?

    Entire series (Bo5)

    • How many Unique champions will G2 ban?
    • How many turrets will both teams take?
    • How many deaths will Jankos have

    Who will be the series MVP?

    Hurry up and get your predictions in! No answers will be counted once the game starts. Once the game day is over we’ll tally up the stats, count the gold, laugh at how many times Jankos died and determine the winners! If no one guesses a criteria exactly we’ll choose the closest answer as the winner.

    Best of luck and may the biggest brain analyst win!
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    Good luck guys! 🤞
    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​☕ Hi I'm Marion and I'm part of the Legion Community Team!