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Over the past few weeks we have managed to protect our village from the Slime and together we've defeated the Slime King!

So we decided to summon a Dragon to defend our village from future attacks and, once again, we need your help!

To summon the Dragon, we need the energy of at least 1000 Dragon eggs! 🐉🥚🥚🥚

Where will we get 1000 Dragon eggs?

Over the next few days you will find some chests and frames, containing eggs, hidden in the new world Adventure05!

Watch out! The eggs have also attracted many rabbits who are trying to steal them! Get there before the rabbits do, or we might not be able to collect all the eggs we need!

👀 A little tip: if you follow the rabbits you can increase the chance of finding an area with plenty of eggs!


What's the plan:

- From 13 to 20 April we will search and collect as many dragon eggs as we can.
- In the meantime, let's rid the village and Adventure 05 of the invading rabbits and prevent them from stealing eggs.
- On the 20th of April at 18:00 we will gather all the eggs we have collected in one chest and summon our Dragon!

​​​​​​​Once summoned, the Dragon will provide us with powerful weapons and strong armour!

👁 Dragon eggs can be Silver, Bronze and Gold. The higher the number of Golden eggs, the more powerful the dragon will be, and so will the items it will give us.