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    Hi everyone! Welcome!

    This board is where the Community Team shares company news and announcements related to Lenovo, as well as updates and highlights about the community itself. We also have a welcome & intro thread on this board - if you've just joined and would like to say hello 👋 and introduce yourself to the community then pop by here.

    We always love to hear your comments and feedback on new Lenovo and Legion products, services and campaigns so when you spot an announcement here that interests you, why not drop a comment in the topic and let us know your thoughts.

    You can find all the news and announcements posted on this board so far by clicking here.

    Please note that as this is for official announcements, only the Community Manager is able to start new topics on this specific board. The comments section on the topics themselves will be open. We’d of course love to see the community also sharing news and updates that you might spot on gaming and other interesting topics, for which the Gaming and Off Topic boards are perfect! 👍

    As always, please remember to keep the Community Guidelines in mind when interacting within the community. 😉

    Thanks and have a great day!

    - Tamara
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