Do you play Minecraft? 🧱

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    Hey guys!

    Anyone here in the Nordic community playing Minecraft? 😄 I've been playing on and off for a few years, pretty casual and mostly for relaxing purposes - I play on Easy mode so I don't have to panic too much when monsters appear etc. and can concentrate on developing my base.

    I have a farm house (followed a tutorial on YouTube for that), some animals in a barn and a small farmland area for wheat, potatoes and such, and behind the farmland I have a (manual) bee farm. So lots of trees that I keep chopping up until a hive appears. I only have 4 so far but 🤞! Behind my house I have a pond with a fishing shack as I like to fish sometimes.

    I thought it would be nice if we can share some screenshots of our worlds and the stuff we're building and perhaps get some inspiration, and tips in case we're stuck with something! 😊

    Here's a photo of my base! You can see part of my house on the left, some of the farming stuff and then the trees where I try to get more bee hives to spawn. 🐝 In the distance is my Nether portal. 😊

    ​​​​​​​(I actually can't find my Minecraft screenshots folder on my PC for some reason... I swear it used to be in the app data folder.... so took a photo on my phone from the screen 😄 if anyone can advise how I can find them I'd really appreciate it!)

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    Do you play Minecraft and what's your favourite thing to do in the game?
    Which platform are you on? What are you currently building? 😎

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    Over the weekend I actually started a new world, as I wanted to do my base a little differently and have a "fresh start". Let me figure out my screenshots folder somehow and I'll post some screenshots of my progress. 😄 I'm going to essentially have a similar setup, just in a different-looking area and closer to a village for convenience.