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    Hi everyone!

    Welcome and thank you for joining the Legion Gaming Community! (Or if you haven’t joined yet but would like to, you can register here). It's awesome to have you here! 👋

    The Legion community is a great place to connect with other gamers to chat about your favorite games, play together, share tips and tricks and the latest gaming news along with learning more about Lenovo and Legions and our gaming devices.

    This thread is for saying hello and introducing yourself to other Nordic Legion members, as well as welcoming and saying hi to newcomers in return, in order to make everyone feel welcome. 🤗

    I’ll start by sharing a few things about myself!

    I'm Marion, I'm from Finland and I'm the Community Manager for our Nordic Community, as well as managing the overall Community Team covering our other regions; I work together with @Paty , @Tamara and @Walter who are the Community Managers for our Spanish, Middle East & Africa and Italian Communities, respectively. Here’s a few additional facts about me:

    1. I'm from Helsinki and currently live in London, England
    2. My favourite game at the moment is Minecraft, on PC (currently trying to build a bee farm)
    3. I live with two cats 🐈🐈
    4. I'm somewhat of a coffee enthusiast

    How about you? Any interesting facts you'd like to share?

    I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you so feel free to reply to this thread and say hello so we can all learn a bit more about each other! 😎​​​​​​​

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    Excellent to see this community created...

    Hi, my name is Brian (nickname: AirBnBacon) and i'm a Lenovo INsider..

    1. I'm originally from Denmark, lived in Australia for 16 years and moved to Sweden in 2016;
    2. Favourite game at the moment - Escape From Tarkov (on PC)
    3. Got only 1 cat
    4. Like winter in Sweden
    5. I'm a tech geek and an avid gamer...

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    Hey hey @AirBnBacon welcome! 👋
    Ooh Australia - I've been wanting to visit for ages. Sweden I've been to several times and Denmark too a few times some years ago. I prefer summer time though rather than winter. 😁
    I've heard Tarkov is BRUTAL 😂 What's your favourite thing about it?
    Sending a hello to your cat! 🐈
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marion View Post
    Hey hey @AirBnBacon welcome! 👋
    ......I've heard Tarkov is BRUTAL 😂 What's your favourite thing about it?

    Pretty much that it's brutal :D you can't go CoD MW-style, jumping around like a rabbit, getting advantage on a 20 tick server infrastructure because your opponent doesn't have your location yet :D

    in all honesty, it's an extremely frustrating, rewarding, disappointing and addictive game :D
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    Hello! My nickname is Ape. It is an abbreviation. I am from Vantaa, Finland. My favorite game is the newest flight simulator from Microsoft, MSFS2020. I am a little bit disappointed because I could not go to play golf to Spain this winter due to corona epidemic.
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    Great to be a part of this community. I'm Daniel.
    1. I'm from northern Norway, but currently live in Oslo.
    2. My favorite game is Everquest, but now I am also waiting for The Burning Crusade in WoW Classic which I am also excited about. I play a lot of MMORPGs and I run MMOCult.com and MMORPGTips.com.
    3. No cats, but two dogs.
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    Hey guys @Ape @Mithmarr great to have you here! How are you liking the community space so far? 😊

    ​​​​​​​@Ape playing golf in Spain sounds amazing! Well I actually have never played (real) golf myself but I can image it in my mind. Warm sun, fresh air, green grass... 😎Hopefully the situation will ease soon and we can all start planning our holidays again.

    @Mithmarr Ooh yes, Burning Crusade! I miss WoW, it's my ultimate favourite game which I actually haven't touched in a few months as I've been playing Minecraft rather obsessively. I'll get back to it soon. 👍Do you play the main WoW e.g. Shadowlands or only Classic?
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    @Marion The community seems great so far! I played Shadowlands for a couple of months. It's a bit on and off with both retail and classic for me, has been since way back when I started playing in 2005. Since I run a MMO news site I have to stay on top of a lot of other games as well so I also play a bit of FFXIV, ESO, Neverwinter and a few more to stay up to date. If I had more time to play for myself I would definitely play more wow.
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    Many familiar names there @Mithmarr, I used to play FFXIV a lot, YEARS ago though. Maybe time to check it out again, I feel nostalgic thinking about it! I wish they had more new areas to explore though. Or maybe I'm out of the loop, it's been about 8 years. 😅
    A topic for MMOs might be a good idea for the gaming board 🤔 - could get some suggestions and maybe learn about some "hidden gems" we might not have tried before!
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    @Marion FFXIV definitely changed a lot over the last couple of years. After it was first released it got really bad feedback and they remade the entire game and released it again in 2013. The fourth expansion is coming this fall. It's definitely one of the best MMOs out there at the moment. There are definitely some hidden gems and a lot of other good MMOs other than WoW. A few promising ones in development as well like Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, Ashes of Creation, and Camelot Unchained.